Cyber Bullying By Yazen Mousa

Cyber-bullying not ok because cause lot of deaths world wide. You might think its ok to say something mean. You could think its ok but its not. What do you say could hurt more if you send on social media or text then saying in their face.
Some people think its funny to send mean things to other people but could do something you will regret. Its start from simple text from one or more people then it get worst . Soon they can't deal with any more then they kill them self.
If you are type of person that thinks is funny still let do something else. Let put you in their shoe, you think you can let go by you like nothing happen.

This a chart shows how many people that victimization by cyber bulling. The biggest bar on bar graph is I have been cyber bullying for a life time.

Here is another chart of people that been victimization because of cyber bullying. In this chart 27.9% have been bully online from 10 different studies. The ten different go through 2007-2016 only 1 year from us now. In this chart every month goes up the number goes up.

If you get cyber bullied you should block them and make your account on private so only see people you had add. you also could add people you know not who don't know. If the bullied in your school tell a teacher if they not helping go to the higher person in your school. If they don't help tell your parent/graduation to move or be home school. The most important thing is don't give up. Also you can't
One of the main question people ask why do people cyber bully? For most people cyber bully because they think their life is bad so they want to make other people life bad. Sometimes they think is funny so they do it.
You can help stop this form happening. One way you can think before you say it or if you want to say to your self. Also could defend someone online he getting bullied. Another thing you could do is don't be a bully.
I wonder why people still get cyber bullied. I think could add feature only for teens or kids that don't send bad things online.
A real life story about a girl that got cyber bullied


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