Types of Power Jigar Dadarwala


A leader's ability to reward people when they do what is asked of them.

Pros :) A reward can motivate someone to do a task.

Cons :( If the reward keeps happening, then the person who is receiving the reward may just work for the reward all the time.


A leader's likability that can make people want to finish tasks for that leader.

Pros :) The person who is admiring a leader can feel encouraged to do well

Cons :( The person who is being admired can abuse their power and make the admirer do things they wouldn't want to do.


This applies to someone that gives another leader the leadership role.

Pros :) People will give the leader lots of respect

Cons :( A leader can abuse their power


This applies to a leader who can access information for others quickly

Pros :) A project could save some time when there is a person with lots of information

Cons :( That person could be pressured into sharing facts they are not comfortable sharing


This leader is respected based on their expertise on a particular subject

Pros :) The experts can give the best and correct information to others.

Cons :( The experts can give misleading information to the non-experts.


This leader gains respect from the people that he or she knows.

Pros :) This leadership can help people obtain things such as a job.

Cons :( The leader can receive things he or she does not deserve


This leader can threaten to take away privileges if a task is not completed

Pros :) Being threatening is the only way to accomplish certain things

Cons :( Using this power can sometimes make people not recognize the value of a job.


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