The Power of Poetry 8C lOVES POETRY

Visual Imagery


Creating images in the mind of the reader is the most powerful way to communicate.

A simile is a type of image or verbal picture made by comparing two things, using the words like or as. For example: As sharp as a laser beam or He roared like a lion


Desolate and lone

All night long on the lake

Where fog trails and mist creeps

The whistle of a boat

Calls and cries unendingly,

Like some lost child

In tears and trouble

Hunting and the harbour's breast

And the harbour's eyes

Attributions: The Power of Poetry 1997

Created By
Paula Brydon


Created with images by congerdesign - "rose book poetry" • Kevin M. Gill - "Pluto" • Mr B's Photography - "Trees through the mist" • laurentmarx - "elephant safari animal" • WikiImages - "zebraspinne spider tiger spider" • BLcarnut - "Snake" • samara34 - "sea urchins sea sand" • Zajcsik - "lightning storm night"

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