Multimedia for eLearning Enhance the power of eLearning

Multimedia makes eLearning interactive, entertaining, and easily digestible.

The tech-friendly world means we have access to a wide range of media tools. With the help of technology, eLearning can deliver accessible digital content and creates a learner-oriented environment.

It is important to remember when using multimedia in eLearning that they support the subject matter and not overshadow the core ideas and concepts or distract the learner from the learning objectives.

  • Multimedia improves learning by keeping the learners engaged and motivated to learn.
  • The use of multimedia can help bring course content to life. It helps the learner to visualise what is being taught and develops an association between the learner and the knowledge.

Provides an authoritative voice and/or makes a course more understandable for the learner. Learners prefer the narration to be a friendly human voice rather than a machine voice.

Sound effects can be used to give the content a certain feel. Sounds can enhance the mood.

Times when audio is essential; Pronunciation of languages to hear how a native speaker pronounces the words and stresses the phrases.

Audio is great for accessibility. It provides options for users that have reading or learning difficulties.


Images tell a story. They can enhance pieces of text or show visually what the text or audio is saying.

Images can be used for decorative purposes to bring a page to life and create visual interest.

Images can break up text to give breathing space in the course or used as section markers within the content.

The choice is wide and varied, generic images can be used, as well as content-specific images like screenshots or diagrams.


Videos are great at showing users how to do something - for example, walkthroughs and software explainers. Learning by doing/viewing is one of the most effective learning methods. Videos can explain complex concepts more effectively than standalone text.

Video can be used decoratively allowing the page to come to life by adding movement.

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