Going Bovine 12-14 By: tevin brooks, damond nettles, jeremiah dunson, and jade Frame-black

Overview Chapter 12

  • After Cameron's diagnosis, he thinks about what happens to us when we die.
  • He was diagnosed with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. Also known as Mad Cow Disease.
  • This is a fatal disease that eats holes in your brain - turning it into a sponge and your motor skills will no longer be in control.
  • He thinks his mom and dad are in denial.
  • His high school, Calhoun High School, is in fear of a lawsuit because he may have contracted this disease at school. So, they throw a pep rally in his honor.
  • He watches from a TV and is connected remotely.
  • His classmates all give him encouraging messages at the pep rally.
  • February 20 has been declared Cameron Smith Day.
  • He sees a girl - short pink hair, torn fishnets, black lace-up punker boots, and a tarnished breast plate. She also had Wings that had a message that said - Hello Cameron.
  • Is this girl real or another hallucination?

Response Chapter 12

this chapter is mostly about how his friends and family stay with him through his disease all of his friends spoke kindly of him doing there speech and helping him to feel better about his disease and they made a day for him.

Overview Chapter 13

  • Cameron wakes up in the hospital.
  • He has been given some drugs to try and get rid of the mad cow disease.
  • He discusses what he has been doing at the hospital.
  • He has began to watch soaps.
  • He does not like hospital oatmeal.
  • His mom talks about their trip to Disney...when he was 5!
  • His stoner friends came to visit (Rachel, Kevin, and Kyle).
  • An old woman from the hospital comes in and tells him that she wants to die "In a house by the sea".
  • Cameron does not know if this conversation with the old lady was real or fake.
  • Sometimes he says he sees the girl with the pink hair in his room.
  • Glory is his nurse.
  • Chet King comes for a visit. He tells him the football team is dedicating the game to him.
  • He has another vision of the girl with the wings and sometime after that everything hurts. He cannot breathe. He gets a tube to breathe from the hospital. He is falling asleep!!
  • Or is he dying???

Response Chapter 13

i like the story because they understand what him and his family is going through it was nice for the school to throw him a pep rally to make cameron happy while he was the hospital

Overview Chapter 14

  • He wakes up .. so he did not die.
  • He wakes up in the hospital.
  • A new person appears in his room. His name is Gonzo. This is a classmate of his and now his new roommate in his hospital room.
  • Gonzo's mom always thinks something is wrong with him to she always takes him to the hospital.
  • They bond over the Copenhagen Interpretation.

Response Chapter 14

I'm glad he didn't die but what is going on in his head. It must really suck to waking up in a hospital i'm just not sure why hes in the hospital. Is this person even real because people get tripped up off drugs at the hospital.

Vocabulary 12-14

  • Karmic - relating to or characteristic of karma
  • Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy - bovine spongiform encephalopathy, a usually fatal disease of cattle affecting the central nervous systems, causing agitation and staggering. it is thought to be caused by agent such as a prion or a virino, and it's possible connection with Creutzfeldt- Jakob disease in humans is still much debated.
  • Denouncement - formal accusation against a politician, police, or in a court.
  • Frail - weak and delicate
  • Pixieish - tending to to or exhibiting reckless playfulness.
  • Shellacked - defeat or beat someone decisively.

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