Good Life Tour of The Harn By Gayathri srinivasan

Medium Of The Art

Textured Eggs

While walking around the Harn,I came across a display that contained three textured eggs. One of the "eggs" contained smooth pebbles, the other contained a wad of thin wire that strikingly resembled hair and the last egg had smooth rectangular designs on them. Seeing this display in person is much better than it would've been seeing it online or in a picture because a picture can not always capture the texture and lighting of an object quite perfectly. These factors are often heightened when you see something in person which in turn activates your senses to the max. The artwork's texture is what drew me towards it and the simplicity of the display really helped focus on the texture aspect of the structures. It made me feel quite serene.

Design Of The Museum

Garden Exhibit at the Harn

Coming across the Japanese exhibit at the Harn was my favorite part of the museum. I loved the fact that they incorporated an outdoor feature to an otherwise indoor museum. Going outside and being with the plants and nature was a great change of scene and really helped me enjoy the outdoors. The exhibit was set up so that there was a miniature waterfall that would pool down into a lake with trees, flowers and other greenery surrounding it. Benches and bridges were put up for comfort but also for aesthetic so that people could enjoy the natural artwork in peace. The natural light and aspect of the whole exhibit made me really appreciate nature's beauty.

Art And Core Values

Ganesha Statue

These two statues appeal to one of my core values which are my religion and culture. It is often very hard to see pieces of my culture incorporated in every day society so when i came across these two sculptures, I was immediately glad I could have something to relate with. Having these two pieces of my culture represented in the Harn, show me that my culture isn't specifically located in one region and that it has spread to other parts of the world and has influenced the people and artists. This makes me proud of who I am.

Art And The Good Life

When I came across this piece at the Harn, it immediately reminded me of the Good Life module of Celebrating. This piece encompasses everything that the module was talking about. The module spoke about how art often has no limit and is timeless. Art isn't bound to any religion, time or person. It is for everyone to share and is thus universal. Pieces like this eliminate barriers between people and unify everyone for a common cause which is art.

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