Portfolio Lauren Hodge

Hi, my name is Lauren Hodge and I'm a sophomore at Zeeland west High school. I've grown up always enjoying to draw and paint. This is the first art class I've taken. It helped me improve my skills, to contour lines to value. Throughout my time in class I got to meet new people and see other people's art. My goal is to continue to grow in my drawings and to learn more about drawing. I learned how to make pieces not seem so flat and to use lighter or darker pencils to show distance.

The first drawing was drawn upside down to help me draw what I actually saw not what I thought I saw. The middle one was done during an exercise where we couldn't look at our paper and we were supposed to draw someone by us. It made us focus on the detail of that person. The drawing to the right may seem just like scribbles but it is lines that I saw in my hand. Again we couldn't look at our paper while drawing. This is called blind contour and helps us to switch into the right side of the brain which is more creative.
The butterfly piece focuses on negative and positive spaces. Negative spaces help define the boundaries of positive space. The positive space is areas of interest, and negative space is the area around the subject.
In my first attempt to drawing my hand it is very outlined and is either really dark or light. I improved a lot in my value in my hand. It is more round and has more detail.
This is a profile (side view) from a girl in my class. The most successful area in this drawing is the hair. It has light and dark value to show how curly her hair is. Yes, This actually looks like the girl.
This is my stippling piece. This is all dots from a sharpie. The most value appears in the right lower side of her hair. It has the most value because it consists of more dots in darker areas and fewer dots in lighter areas really making her hair looked curly. Another area that has good value is the mouth. It gets darker towards the corner of the mouth making it more realistic. The teeth also have shape to them.
The most successful parts of this composition is the darker areas. The bottles in the bottom are successful because of the value in them. The bottle next to the flower shows the most texture in this piece.
This elephant has a lot of texture because it has so many lines that cross each other. The part that has the most texture and value is in the tusk. It looks round and is apparent to where the light hits it. There is also a lot of texture in its trunk because it cresses a lot and has so many wrinkles.
This drawing was easiest with the contour lines because every line had to be in a specific place matching its vanishing point.
My self portrait improved greatly. the eyes, mouth and nose have the most value and look realistic because of the placement how my nose looks further out and my eyes are back more.
This ribbon drawing has shadows and value. Where the ribbon bends and crosses over itself is apparent because of the value in it.

The toughest part of this course for me was making my darks darker and finding the right areas for whiter whites. At the beginning it was also difficult to not outline my pieces. I enjoyed getting feed back on my drawings because it helps me improve a lot, either if it was from the teacher or classmate. I improved most on putting more value in drawings.

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