Weegee Street Photojournalism

Weegee also known as Usher Fellig. Weegee was born in June 12th 1899 in Poland and died December 26th 1968 in New York

Weegee's style of photography was street photojournalism to capture the violence and all the crime in New York during his time in New York

Weegee's style of photography was mostly noir and at night and he mostly took pictures of the lower class living in new York

When Weegee was younger he used to work for acme but, when he grew up he started working as a freelance photographer

Weegee used a 4 x 5 Grawflex speed graphic camera and as for the lens he used a super pan press type B or a super XX

Weegee used a Garflex - synchronized flash or flashbulbs because most of his photos were taken at night

Weegee didn't really have any people inspire him to take photos it was mostly the crime in new york and another interesting thing about weegee is that he was self taught

Weegee was well known for taking gritty yet compassionate photos of crime scenes and another thing was that Weegee would be at a crime scene always with the police or even before them and that was how people started calling him Weegee after the ouija board

I don't have an opinion on weegee and as for why I choose him his name just stood out while I was reading the list

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Ethan Gutierrez

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