Elements of Comprehension By: Josh Tetterton

Patterns are where there is just a patters to make the eye adjust to them. For this i did a tree with greenery behind it. This a color pattern of the brown and green going to gather. We love the nature. We wanted to include it.


Texture is when the feeling of the photos come out and make you feel what the texture is. For this we did our rock bed in the creek ,because we had two different rock textures. These rocks will be abe to make every one feel that there are right here in front.


Rule of thirds is where the picture of the subject is not center . We did a tree withe the road and the other tree line on the other side of the road. This can also be consider framing but we got another for framming.

Rule of Thirds

Leading lines are where lines lead the view in to the focal point of the photograph. For this we did and road up from our house. this road can be considered framing to cause the trees on both side of the road are framing the road.

Leading Lines

Framing is where an outlier is Framming the object just like the photo above. We did our road to ouor house. The trees are framing the road ,just like a door frame. We did this cause this road leads us to the town of Borden and to the school.


Space is where nothing is in the shot and its all empty. We did our neighbors feild. This is a popular spot for the road to go and hang out. I dicide to show off this place for the neighborhood or ,street if you would like to call it that.


Shallow depth of feild is where the backgound is fuzzy and the object you are takeing the photo of is clear, or on focus. We got a photo of our flowers that are blomming due to the summer. We cant wait for the flowers so that we can get to weeding the garden.

Shallow depth of Feild (DoF)

Deep Depth of feild is where the close object is blurry and the background is on focus. We did the same Photo for this cause it started to rain.

Deep Depth Of Feild

This white and black photograph is our drive way tree, this was used for rule of thirds. This will remind me of the good memories i had with my family forever.

Digatal Refeltion for Digatal Picture book

1. The difficult part is trying to find a subject to take a photo of. I had many ideas for this but i though this would be funny. Many photos that came up were not very relevent to the story

2.Trying to find relevent photos . I had an idea but its wasnt right with this fairy tale. I finally found photos and used them for. Thanks for the challenges of this project.

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