Looking for Landscape What You See

Came up a road in hot sun to see what was there. It's like the daring chicken in the other road story...because it's there, or something.
The world is always outside, most of the time--even when the light is just that so for the 5-minutes when the sun crosses the horizon line. The other 1430 minutes every day, it's there too--when you see it without the thick, gaudy orange and blue opera makeup and fake smile it hides behind.
The worldy face is very, very old, scarred and wrinkled, with more imperfections than you or I could count in two lifetimes. Akin to the expensive sex-for-hire worker, with the clothes and the makeup, underneath is all the somethings else, for good and bad, more interesting, worldly
Of course the world is wily, it rarely shows its original face. Trying to capture it in a camera may be the ultimate fools errand. But, what would the world be without fools?...
Draw up a couch out here, facing the west and watch the show trundle by...

Until the next time...take your own pictures.


All photos ©Mike Macartney