Monthly Highlights: May 2017 What's happening at Forsyth County Department of Public Health

In This Issue:

Environmental Health Attends 5th Annual City of New Orleans and Louisiana Mosquito Control Association Mosquito Academy

Sarah Frantz Buys a House!

Felicia Moore Completes Certified Family Planning Health Worker Training

Spotlight on Public Health Transportation Aides

Cleveland Avenue Dental Center's Dr. Lee is Getting Married!

Staff Recognitions

Environmental Health Attends 5th Annual City of New Orleans and Louisiana Mosquito Control Association Mosquito Academy

Patrick Daugherty, REHS, Craig Faircloth, REHS and Daniel Lemons, REHS, attended the 5th Annual City of New Orleans and Louisiana Mosquito Control Association Mosquito Academy that was held on April 4th-6th, 2017. The class offered in-depth information on all areas of mosquito biology and control with an emphasis on surveillance and controlling the vectors of Zika Virus. They learned through hands-on mosquito and larvae identification using microscopes and field training. Upon course completion, a closed book comprehensive exam was given which Daniel is happy to report all passed and received a certificate of graduation. They also were able to network with representatives from other local health departments from other states, professors, private industry, and the CDC. This was a great conference and opportunity to learn how Louisiana and other states are dealing with the threat of Zika and other mosquito borne viruses.

Sarah Frantz Buys a House!

Congratulations to Sarah Frantz (Health Educator, Community Health Services) and her fiance Britt on the purchase of their first house!

Felicia Moore Completes Certified Family Planning Health Worker Training

Congratulations to Felicia Moore for completing her course work in becoming a Certified Family Planning Health Worker! The course was designed to help staff provide effective patient-centered contraceptive counseling, use of effective communication and counseling techniques to provide health education to diverse patient populations and learn best practices for providing confidential health care services. Way to go!

Spotlight on Public Health Transportation Aides

The Transportation Aides are truly a driving force for the services provided to clients of our various programs here at the Forsyth County Department of Public Health. Our three transportation team members are Derrick Allen, Tanishia Rowland, and Debbie Hutton. Though their length of service with Forsyth County ranges from one year to several years, each of the TAs make significant contributions to the department and our community that go beyond just driving a van. Derrick is a great mentor and sounding board for our teen program participants, Tanishia is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, and Debbie has received training in the Smart Girls Life SkillsĀ® curriculum. Day in and day out, they accomplish their mission of being a source of safe and reliable transportation to and from medical and related appointments for our clients and program participants.

If you happen to see them, please give them a shout out for all they do!

Cleveland Avenue Dental Center's Dr. Lee is Getting Married!

Last week, the Cleveland Avenue Dental Center Staff gathered to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Dr. SunMin Lee to JiHoon Lee. They will be married on Saturday, May 6. Congratulations Dr. Lee!

Staff Recognized as Going Above and Beyond to Serve our Clients in the Month of April:

Helena How, Office Assistant

Pamela Burch, Public Health Nurse II

Nicole Logie, Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner

Robin Burton, Licensed Practical Nurse

Micki Metscher, Public Health Nurse III

Lee Ann Stimpson, Public Health Nurse II

Mike Merrell II, Envionmental Health Specialist I

Nancy Schuh, Sr. Office Assistant

Michelle Bell, Environmental Health Specialist

Jimmy Mchone Jr, Environmental Health Supervisor I

Janice Payne, WIC Peer Counselor

Gail Melton, Human Services Technician

Susan Rife, Nutritionist

Brian Matthew, Nutritionist

Margaret Speas, Sr. Physician Assistant

Felecia Moore, Public Health Educator

Dr. Sun Min Lee, Dentist

Ashton Putnam, Public Health Educator II

Tammy Michel, Dental Hygienist

Brenda Antunez, Office Assistant

Arlene Acevedo, Foreign Language Interpreter

Katherine Rucker, Office Assistant

Alexa Jordan, Public Health Nurse III

Charlene Fields, Public Health Nurse III

Darlene Steele, Dental Office Manager

Erica Littlefield, Dental Assistant

Brandon Shaffer, Environmental Health Specialist

Patrick Daugherty, Environmental Health Specialist

Chad Rakes, Environmental Health Specialist

Betty Fredricks, Sr. Office Assistant

Charles Cahill, Environmental Health Specialist

Katrina Clark, Human Services Technician

The End

The QI Council knows that many of us are so busy in our own service areas, we don't always know about the great things that are happening across the health department. The Monthly Highlights are a way to bridge this gap and we hope to better connect all of our staff.

We need your help with stories to share each month in the Monthly Highlights. Anyone can submit something to be shared! You can send anything from a wedding or new baby announcement to an exciting event that happened in your department.

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