Tattoos on the Heart By: Gregory Boyle

Preface and introduction: The point of putting these two things in was to tell us hey I need you to know what this book is about and not to take another way cause it was hard. The part in this that hit me the hardest in the heart was when I was reading about the twin boy who's brother died. Just imaging losing my brother is so hard, especially in the way that he did. I guess I never thought that it could happen because I had never experienced it myself.

Chapter 1 God, I Guess: I think that this chapter is called God, I guess cause father says that God can get very tiny if we are not careful. God, I guess is a great way to start the chapter because it's kinda the start of what the rest of the book is about.

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace: this chapter is called disgrace because it is about a girl named Carmen who was a total drugy and she knew it. she wanted help but had trouble trying to stop. She says to father "I.... am.... a...... disgrace......". It's really hard to admit to that but she did and she got better. This is my favorite story because she changed her ways.

Chapter 3 Compassion: compassion is no fleeting occasional emotion rising to the surface like anger. My favorite story in this chapter is where father G would go to a special needs yard and teache. He asked the class what compassion was, no one said anything. later on he goes on to say "God is compassionate, loving kindness" this is a real touching moment cause no one knew how to put it into words but once they did they all could relate.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: this chapter was probably the hardest chapter to read, all of the things that went on was just so sad. The one that I just couldn't believe was when all of the boys we're talking to father G and one guy said he had walked in on his dad with a needle in his arm and was so high. His dad told him that that ward gonna be him when he grew up. For a father to say that to their own flesh and blood is just so so hard to hear. 

Chapter 5 Slow Work: we have to trust in the slow work of God. God waits for us. After such a long time David finally decided he would stop gang violence. father G couldn't have been more proud

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction: this chapter is called jurisdiction because father G has to set his bar high for the home boys and girls, so that they don't fail him. The story in this chapter that I see a lot today, is when Chepe, Richie, and fathered she went to lunch in a rich neighborhood and everyone was staring at them. Things like that still go on today. It's sad to realize that but it is true.

Chapter 7 Gladness: I thought it was kind of awkward when Fili's called over the radio that he was not going to be at work that day. I was a little confused when father G started talking about how his father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and at the same time the chapter is called gladness but once I started reading it more it came to me that he was happy about how his mother and father's relationship has been for the past years

Chapter 8 Success: people always expected father G to tell them success stories with the gangs. But after 20 years of working, the only thing that he could tell them was that it's not about the success it's about the improvement and not failing. When the dove lands on Shadys shoulder and it brings peace to her. It remind her of her dead husband. I love this because anything that symbolizes anything else in your life impacts you in so many different ways

Chapter 9 Kindship: father G says kindness has a way of sneaking up on you. Father G offers people that are in correction facilities, that when I get out he will help them straighten up their lives and set them on the right path. When Chicos heart stopped, Rosa asked for father G to burie him. A woman yelled at Chicos funeral that he wasn't a good kid. I can't believe that someone had the nerve to yell something like that at his funeral, it honestly made me really frustrated but how father G dealt with it was great. Overall I thought this book was really good it really opened my eyes and it was worth reading.

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