Like Father, Like Son By The Genealogy Kids

A few years back on Father’s Day, we played a fun game. You could call it...

“Dress up like Dad” or

“Imitate your Ancestor” or

“Like Father, Like Son (or Grandson)” or

“What do you have in common with the awesome fathers (or forefathers) in your family tree?”

It’s easy! Here’s how you play:

  • Think of the dads in your family. What do you have in common with them? Hobbies? Facial characteristics? Personality traits?
  • Find a picture of them that demonstrates this.
  • Take your own picture trying to match it.

For example, the dad in our family LOVES fishing. Loves it! Guess who else does? Nathan. They didn’t even have to try … they just automatically have matching pictures in our photo album. It’s in their genes to look happy holding a fish for the camera while wearing sunglasses and a hat and standing in a river.

Now, Sam was born with a phenomenal head of thick dark hair. And even though Grandpa’s hair is now long gone (sorry, Grandpa), we found this old photo that shows that Sam may have inherited his hairiness from this guy …

Fact: Imitating an ancestor actually makes dressing up fun. It may be torture on Sunday morning before church, but when it’s a silly game — no problem! Such was the case for Owen, who wanted to dress up like his great-great-grandfather, Andrew. Originally, Owen chose this photo to imitate because he wanted to wear cool glasses (which he found in the costume box). But Owen & Andrew actually have more than glasses in common. Andrew was a smart man … a school teacher. Anyone who knows Owen knows he’s a pretty bright kid, too.

What is James’ most striking characteristic? Curly hair! He gets it from his mom (not pictured … this post is about fathers!) who gets it from her Grandpa Ferril! James and Ferril also share a middle name and a super loving, sweet personality. Can you tell how sweet they are?

One of the other fathers in our family tree, Glenn Hardman, owned horses. And what little boy doesn’t like horses? Henry never knew Grandpa Hardman, but that doesn’t stop him from appreciating his ancestor. How cute is this little cowboy wanna-be?!

So what look-alike photos do you have to match up with your fathers? It’s more than just a game, really. It will turn your hearts to your fathers and teach you about yourself.