The Aftermath- Japan, Germany and Russia Japan will be left with toxic radiation, making thousands get horribly sick with illnesses such as cancers, etc. Germany will be left with no structure after coming from dictatorship. THey're economy will most likely fall. Russia will have to recover from another loss of a devastating war.

Before the war, Germany spent years under the rule of a major dictator who controlled everyday life and everyday things. Now that Hitler is dead, the people will most likely not know what to do without him, or how to return to their every day lives. After having two atomic bombs dropped on them, the toxic radiation will have a massive effect on the people's health and how they function everyday. Many people will eventually become extremely ill, and die off. In Russia, who already took large hit during both World War 1, and World War 2 will have to take years to recover from the damages and the deaths that came with the war. They're economy will most likely fall too. No matter what, both of these countries will suffer greatly during the aftermath of the war.

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