Thrive in the Hive December 2019

Seasons Greetings Jackets!!

How can we be a hero everyday??

As we move into the holiday season and new year, let's think about small goals we could set for ourselves both personally and professionally! #onemonthgoals

Check out the fun in LCS this past month!

Mrs. Tamar Jefferies - Charles England

I would like to nominate Mrs. Jefferies for the AHH award! She is amazing in so many ways. She is a positive and inspirational member of our family! Whether it's offering an encouraging word/song, giving a hug, offering advice to a student, passing a Science test or just walking down the hall, she is doing so with a smile and positive attitude. She is a team player and works to support her team, students, and CEES as a whole. We've implemented many student leadership teams this year, one being "Wake Up Wednesday!" We have a morning cafe ran by students to serve staff breakfast on Wednesdays. When the teachers go in google to place their orders...we can always count on a record breaking number, when the title reads, "Jefferies Style." Mrs. Jefferies wakes up in the middle of the night to prepare Pancakes, French Toast, Quiche, Hot Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Bacon, Turkey Bacon, and who knows what all! We all appreciate you for who you are and your cooking ;)! Thanks for all you do to make CEES a better place!

Mrs. Melissa Blackburn - Pickett

Mrs. Blackburn has been very helpful in keeping all EC paperwork in order at Pickett. She works tirelessly to make sure we are in compliance, student's needs are being met, and still takes time to help staff members with whatever comes along.....Mrs. Blackburn is a true professional and makes a huge difference in the lives of so many students. Thank you, Melissa, for being YOU!!!

Ms. Julia VanAnda - South Lexington

Ms. VanAnda came on the scene this summer full throttle to serve our students with disabilities and has yet to stop. This young lady conquered a classroom that was overrun with materials and transformed a space that would fit her picture of the perfect learning environment. Ms. VanAnda continues to create and execute that which is best for the learners within her classroom. Her instructional assistants enhance and support learning for all students. There truly is a love of service for our children as they learn life skills and work toward their instructional goals. Ms. VanAnda thank you for being in the education profession but more importantly thank you for having the heart to serve.

Mrs. Gwen Greathouse - Southwest

Mrs. Gwen Greathouse is a SW Superhero! She is so deserving of this month’s AHH award. Mrs. Greathouse greets our students each morning with a smile and a “good morning.” She is always willing to give her fair-share (and more) of covering class or supervising students when we need her. She is very much appreciated! Thank you for all you do for our kids and SW!

Looking Ahead - January

  • January 6th: Begin 3rd Quarter
  • January 6th: Istation MOY Begins
  • January 8th: Reading Check-In (4th and 5th Grade)
  • January 8th: Data Dive with Istation - View webinar at your school - 3:15-4:45
  • January 9th: Math Check-In (3rd-5th Grade)
  • January 10th: Report Cards Go Home
  • January 14th: Going Green! Making Animated Videos with Students PL - 2:45-3:45
  • January 16th: Bringing Words to Life PL at Pickett - 3:00-4:00
  • January 16th: Coding Basics PL at South Lexington - 3:15-4:15
  • January 20th: NO SCHOOL
  • January 27th: 4th Grade Mid Quarter Formative Week
  • January 31st: Istation MOY Complete


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