The Harn Museum By: Kahtia Johnson

The House at the Harn

Medium of Art/ technique of the Artist

So for me this was one of the first paintings that I had seen walking into this particular exhibit. I want to note that I was primarily afraid to go here, because of the fact that I feel as though I do not have the appreciation for art that I need to obtain to be at the museum. I feel like seeing it in person made me more appreciative of it because I was able to use the physical microscopes to look at the intricate details of the painting. What I found to be interesting about this particular piece was the fact that it primarily seem so simple, yet there is so much behind the painting. Looking between the lines and the strokes revealed small stories throughout the work. It made me feel warm and surprisingly at home. I really liked the themes and colors throughout this particular exhibit.

Design of the Museum

I loved the African Art exhibit of the museum. This was the second to last exhibit that I went to, and In my opinion it was the most appealing. The room had a lot of lifelike sculptures and tangible art. At times we were also allowed to look up close at some of the paintings with magnification. I also liked the color scheme as all of the colors were inviting and they varied in spectrum. I especially appreciated that in some areas the colors were so vibrant and bright and in others they were more modest and conservative. The use of space was perfect! I was able to walk around freely, but it also seemed as if there was so much art in the room. I can wait to go back to the African American Exhibit.

Art and Core Values

There was a particular work at the Harn that enraptured my core values. Unfortunately I do not remember the exact name of the exhibit, but as pictured in the illustration, It is a young string girl. I remember while reading the description that it was a depiction of a strong African Woman at that time. A strong woman back then took care of her family, stood up for her morals, and ha good religion. I feel as though that relates to me because I feel as though when I grow older I will be one who watches out for my family. I also am a woman that stands up for her morals no matter what. It helps me better understand what I believe and cherish because you further see what is important in life. I especially enjoyed taking a selfie with this picture.

Art and the Good Life

I feel as though the foil ball really illustrated celebration for me. I say this because of the many colors and wrinkles within the work. The colors were so colorful and warm and they just make you happy. I felt as if the paint was coming together in one big happy party, but in a round foil ball. It added to my appreciation of the theme, because it showed me that celebration can be shown in more than just parties.

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