Thomas Harmonson My personal Mission Statement

Past Successes

Before coming to Exceptional Minds, I spent 4 years at Mt. San Antonio Community College, where I earned three , Tra-Digital Animation level 1 and 2, and Graphic Design level 1
At my old high school, I taught a two-week stop motion course that was Monday-Friday as part of a senior project.

Core Values

One of my highest core values is holding my art to an incredibly high standard, and to always be improving it day by day.
(A few of the pictures from my Game of the Year 2016 art project)
Another core value is being a good role model for my little sisters (One of whom has autism), as well as living up to the expectations set for me by my parents

Outside Contributions

I used to go to Relay for Life events when I was younger, which is a 24-hour run event to raise money to help fight cancer.
Volunteered multiple times at my aunt’s event planning company as security detail and in costume for children’s events.


To become a concept artist or VFX artist
(A few of the pics from my 2015 Game of the Year art project)
To graduate from Exceptional Minds after doing the absolute best work I can give.
(Various digital works that I've done over the past year or so)

Words that describe me personally

Compassionate, friendly, caring, easygoing, humble, proud, intuitive, sensible, creative and upbeat

Words that describe me professionally

Hardworking, devoted, resilient, persistent, reliable, resourceful, charismatic, artistic, trustworthy and adaptable.
Thank you for your time, I hope this has given you a bit of insight into who I am, and what I have ahead of me.

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