Good Life:The Divine kieran Jacobsen

Spatial Experience

I enjoyed the physical setting of the theater. It was very elegant and was more upscale than I was expecting. As I entered the building, the lobby was decorated with old timey art and decor, this really contributed to the overall feel of thee theater and the show. It made me feel like I was actually going to a proper theater back in the day. I was then seated in a nice location, right in the middle which pleased me. I was not expecting the theater to be as large as it was, I enjoy large theaters, they make the experience more memorable. I enjoyed my "place" when viewing the play, it contributed positively to the experience. Place plays a huge role in the Good Life, it can make the difference with even the simplest of things. For example imagine drinking your morning smoothie in a cold, dreary library versus enjoying that same smoothie at a beach at sunrise. Most would have a much better experience at the beach!

Social Experience

I attended the Performance with my friend Brooke from back home. We made sure we had eaten before the performance because of the length. I enjoyed going with a friend so we could laugh together, talk about the play and ask questions. I think sharing experiences are valuable in the Good Life. They allow you to learn about how others react to the same situation and you can learn more about that person and yourself from this. If you did everything alone, your thoughts and feelings about situations would stay bottled up inside you.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play helped me think of social and political advancements. The play was set in a time where it was mainly poor vs rich and a big absence of the middle class. The rich business owners took advantage of the poor workers and gave them little rights. The only way to make progress was for the workers to stand up and fight for workers rights. The performance helped me understand just how much these workers suffered and the extent as to which the business owners took advantage of them. The subject matter coincides with the important social and political matters going on in our country right now. Like the factory workers seen in the play, U.S. citizens are being treated wrongly and are having to stand up to make their voices heard. All advancements in human rights are made my people movements and uprising, it was true back then and it is true now.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine gives viewers an opportunity for "katharsis". Viewers can see the corrupt background of the industrial age factories and the workers that fueled them. The play also sheds light on the corruptness of the church. The workers of the factory are happy doing their job, or as happy as they can be. They don't complain much, it is their only job and they do it to stay alive. As a viewer, this allowed me to think about my own situation and to realize how blessed I am. I shouldn't complain, I can't complain after seeing the conditions of those characters. The Divine also showed the corruptness of the church. When Sarah Bernhardt's play came to town, the Church refused her to play because they "controlled the town". This led me to think about that if they could control the showing of a play then what else can they control? Why would they refuse someone to act, aren't we all gods children? This made me think of the role of religion in the journey to the Good Life and if it even exists.

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