Historical Culture Chinese garden

The Chinese Garden was built in 1975 by a Taiwanese architect professor named Yuen-Chen Yu. This iconic 13.5 hectare land was built to preserve the style and looks during after the Summer Palace in Beijing.
The Stone Boat and Tea House also rests within the Chinese Garden. The Stone Boat and Tea House is a small version of the tea house that can be found at the Summer Palace in Beijing. This is built in the style of Peking which is known as the style of cuisine in Beijing
During 1992 , the Bonsai Garden was built into Chinese Garden in the Suzhou style. There are two imposing terracotta warriors which guards the entrance to the Bonsai Garden. The Bonsai Garden houses more then a hundred bonsais which are imported from different countries such as Malaysia, Japan , Taiwan and many other more.
One of the most notable places in Chinese Garden are the twin Padogas. These Padogas are inspired by the ones in Nanjing name the “Linggu Temple Pagoda”.
“I feel like the Chinese Garden is one of the most historical place in Singapore and youngsters nowadays are more addicted to using phones than visiting these kind of places” – Ms Chung

Will Chinese Garden be forgotten or will it be remembered

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