PACK TOWN Think reno, think campus

by Mauricio Rojas Durand and Katherine Roberti

Our team is conscious about the fragmentation of the different communities around Reno and their perception of distance from the University of Nevada, Reno. Our research revealed the point of view of different constituents who felt that UNR was not reaching them with their innovations nor their knowledge. People felt UNR was separated from the communities of Northern Nevada.

Pack Town challenges that belief

Pack Town is a community project that wants to bring UNR closer to the city of Reno in order to reach the different communities of Northern Nevada.

By closer, we meant inside the city

By setting locations around Reno, we embrace the idea of a university town. “Pack Town” emerges as the concept that materializes itself throughout the community, to engage people with UNR and to make UNR reach its neighbors, potential students, families and citizens. We aim to make people think of Reno and the communities as part of the campus of UNR. We want to integrate them inside “The Pack”: people who lived in Reno and come to Reno for work must feel part of the culture.

Chosen locations and nodes

We want to bring UNR spirit to Reno and surroundings, turning them into being, “Pack Town.” Our idea is to have UNR in the city. Due to not all people in the community wanting to come to UNR to get involved with the university, we have decided to bring UNR to downtown by incorporating classes, faculty offices and dormitories downtown. One of our ideal locations is right near the arch next to the river. We want to scattered the buildings around the city, trying to set them in spaces that have not been able to be reached by the UNR culture.

Painted crosswalks

We will have crosswalks that are Nevada blue, bridges that are blue, lamp posts that are Nevada blue, etc. This will ensure anyone who comes to downtown will not miss the fact that Reno has a great university!

Making the N around the city

With the chosen locations to build the complexes on, we will like to build an aerial N, that will ultimately be able to unite different parts of the city and its people. The buildings will be able to promote the university through audiovisual information by spaces that will be design to display banners and/or screens with university-produced advertisement. (locations to be determined)

Created By
Mauricio Rojas Durand



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