Hercules by Asa Gipple

THE NEMEAN LION: Hercules' first labor was to kill the Nemean lion. The lion's skin could not be penetrated or punctured by spears or arrows. Hercules trapped the lion in a cave and throttled it with his bare hands. He then used the lion's jaws and skin as a helmet and cloak.
THE HYDRA: King Eurystheus ordered his cousin, Hercules, to got defeat the many-headed Hydra. It had regenerate heads, so if you cut one off it'd grow another one. The Hydra had a very bad case of bad breath. Smelling a small amount would be enough to kill you. He was fighting the hydra and was bitten on the heel by a crab and was on the verge of failure when he remember his nephew Iolaus, the person who drove Hercules via chariot to Lerna. Iolaus basically burnt where his uncle cut off the head to terminate further growth. Hercules with some help then buried the defeated Hydra under a rock.
THE CERYNITIAN HIND: Hercules was ordered to capture the Cerynitian Hind, a deer with golden antlers. This majetic beast was sacred to Artemis so Hercules did not wound the creature. It took him a year to capture it on a riverbank when he fired an arrow between the tendons and bones of the two forelegs without drawing blood. Artemis still was angered by this so Hercules blamed it on his taskmaster.
THE ERYMANTHIAN BOAR: Hercules was to capture the Eurymanthian Boar. He visited the centaur Pholus. Pholus was examining an arrow but he dropped it on his foot. The arrow was soaked in poisonous hydra venom and succummed immediately. Hercules immobilized the boar in a snow bank and carried it back to his taskmaster, who was hiding in a jar.
THE AUGEAN STABLES: Hercules diverted two rivers into the Augean Stables to fulfill his taskmaster's orders in a single day. He was supposed to claim his payment from Augeas, but didn't, so he didn't count it as a labor.
THE STYPMPHALIAN BIRDS: Hercules was to kill the Symphalian birds who feasted on human flesh. He made noise with the castonets which triggered the birds to fly and shot them as they flew.
THE CRETAN BULL: Hercules was to kill the Cretan Bull that belched flames because it was destorying the nearby area. Hercules defeated it and moved it back to the mainland.
THE MARES OF DIOMEDES: These horses dined on the flesh of travelers who accepted Diomedes' offer of hospitality. He appeased the mares by feeding a man named Abderus to them or fed the horses to their owner.
HIPPOLYTE'S BELT: Hercules was sent to the Amazons to retreive the belt of their Queen for his taskmaster's daughter. Hercules' recruits helped him fight off the warrior women and got the belt and Theseus kidnapped the Amazon princess.
CATTLE OF GERYON: Hercules was ordered to steal cattle with three heads or three bodies. Hercules' watchdog had two heads. Hercules killed the dog, Orthrus, with a single blow from the wooden club and rove the cattle back to Greece.
APPLES OF HESPERIDES: Hercules was to steal apples guarded by a many-headed dragon named Ladon. Atlas was to hold a pillar of the weight of the heavens and made it hard for Hercules to capture the apples with his aid. Hercules had to kill Ladon which he did, got the apples and strolled off.
THE CAPTURE OF CERBERUS: Hercules was instructed to bring back the hellhound Cerberus from the kingdom of the dead. He saw many soul waiting on their ride for a ferryboat. The ferry cound't take anyone acroos unless they met two conditions. Pay a coin under the corpse's tongue and had to be dead. Hercules met neither of these requirements. Cerberus, who had razor teeth, three to fifty heads, a venomous snake as a tail and more snakes growing out his back. Cerberus lunged for Hercules' throat but was protected by his unpenetratable lion armor. Hercules then choked the creature into submission and received his credit for his final labor.

I found every picture off of google images after I searched the name of each labor.

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