Summer Exhibition Art & Design Technology

I have recently attended a number of senior school art exhibitions and I can honestly say that the standard and volume of work at our own Summer Exhibition might just put theirs to shame. Perhaps it might be that many senior schools are squeezing the creative subjects and this might explain a sad decline in one of the most important areas of education – visual expression. However, I am delighted that we place such emphasis on this and the results speak for themselves.

Being able to express ideas visually is going to be a more and more sought after skill as we work collaboratively across countries and continents in the future. Technology is a wonderful tool but it invariably requires visual skills to get the best out of it!

I know that most of the school has come through this exhibition and it was lovely to see the buzz on the night of the Summer Concert as we were treated to a real evening of expressive arts in every sense!

I would like to thank Mrs Walsh and Mr Du Plessis for all their work in arranging out Summer Exhibition – I know that they are rightly proud of all that their pupils have achieved. I would also like to thank you as parents for promoting this important aspect of learning. Having spoken to many of you in the exhibition, I know how much you value this beyond school – in fact I was delighted to hear that so many of you use these skills in your day to day lives. However, I would like to thank the young Artists and Designers in this school for immersing yourselves in this subject…the Royal Academy would be envious!

Tim Calvey

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