VACATIONS by lj cannon

Charleston is the best place to go because it got a lot of history that happened there and if you go we will show you the places that people live back then what i mean by back then like 18 or 1900s you can go to fort sumter and visit old houses that they used to leave in back then.

The only reason why we explore Myrtle beach because it has a lot of history like when people started growing cotten the boll weevil will destroy it and so they had to find a new way to make money so they came up with tourism because SC has a lot of history. And the things you can do at the beach is like explore the old things and the museum is one of the good places to see a lot of history at.

Georgetown was the third oldest city in SC and Georgetown was found in 1729 and the revolutionary war and up to the oneset civil war. And georgetown got its name from George Prince who became king George ll of england. Georgetown has a museum that you can visit with a lot of history.

the port royal experiment was a program begun during the American civil war in which former slave successfully worked on the land abandoned by planters. So when you go to port royal you can go to there old plantations and go to the slave houses and go to the museum where it shows more history.

Savannah is known for manicured parks, horse drawn carriages it has a historic district Savannah first recorded there history in 1733 and what you can do there is go in the city and see the statues that there and you can visit where they has sold slaves they has the largest slave sale in history and you can go visit history of the Marshall house that's there


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