"Hello little Enzo I'm glad to see you." Eve told enzo that shes GLad to see him.

"One bark is slower and two is faster"

Denny was taking Enzo for a ride and told him this.

"You've got yourself a good dog there"

Denny was going semi fast and before anything Enzo did two barks.

"Today is my first day I am not dead".

This is what Eve told Enzo when she was "ok"

"I love you so much" "I wish you could come home"

Denny wants Eve to come home and told her this.


Created with images by dolbinator1000 - "Her First Ever Walk" • Damian Morys Photography - "458 Italia." • MikeBird - "jaguar car vehicle" • TerriC - "pretty girl pup dog" • Pexels - "affection beard beautiful flowers"

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