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This is a top 10 portfolio describing my top 10 takeaways from this creativity in context venture. I honestly know that I took away more than 10 things but, for the sake of saving time and staying organized here are my top ten set in no particular order, I value each lesson.
Childhood learning tool: This project allowed us to transform something from an idea to paper to a real life model and prototype. This project made us think in place of a child attempting to learn, this design thinking, incorporated empathy into its form and function. They spin the wheel and wherever it lands tells them what they must perform. This is designed to help children express different emotions to others, working on their communication skills they must do so to win. I partook in developing a creative product that holds many functions and was created for the sake of making learning fun and substantive.
ONE-WORD PHOTO: Emergence, that is the name of this photo. The very first installment of my 30 day challenge. This photo inspired me to continue this in my second and third set of the challenge. My biggest take away was to really put into use the my observation skills. I needed to be deliberate in my message in my photo, I really had to take imaging and forming and recognizing patterns to really pin the word sensation down.
Creative process and innovation: The idea that creativity is more than just the process that helps artist make works of beauty lead be to believe more in myself as a creative person with creative capabilities. To be original in your impact on your intended audience with a product or service that works for THEM, totally revolutionized how I thought of creative and innovative business models. This was really crucial since I am a business student in the Heavener School of Business. The Innovation Academy is a hub, a catalyst, a field of play where minds can develop the creative manifestations that fill their minds. This is a creative place, one that intensifies the process and allows you to grow instead of sticking you to a more traditional and sometimes boring routine.

Empathy Video & Journal

The video in the hospital where we can a look into the shoes of the inhabitants of the hospital really touched me. Just seeing how their situation reflected in their face while stuck in a sometimes powerless position really struck a nerve. Having not experienced most of those unfortunate scenarios in my own life I could only imagine how those individuals felt.

Straw Tower - mute leader: This class exercise was frustrating... We were assigned to create a free standing tower from straws and tape, I had done this before and had already fixed a strategy to ensure victory. The problem was that I could not talk. I watched as my team made clinical errors, but in the end I learned that being a vocal and strong presence is not always the best kind of leadership for a task. Innovation sparks in the freedom from the traditional authoritative hierarchy combined with strategic risk-taking - all or nothing. We still won! ;p

The next big take away came from none other than a ted x talk by Simon Sinek. Here is the video, watch if you dare...

from this video I took out more than the statement that "people buy WHY you do not what you do", I learned that being genuinely interested in my work, my passions, my craft, my art - I can sell to those that believe me, which should in turn be easy. Communication of Great Leaders... learn to develop my WHY. I wrote in my journal as soon as I heard Simon making sense... making too much sense. I wrote all over it and had notes that I learned from many of the other lessons from class. I had to synthesize a couple of those lessons to make them impact me life in a more practical way. To me, this also related the creative process. To make something innovative you must have a clear objective and a solid reason for it. Without it there is no true grit or integrity in the process and conviction behind the process.

Creative person resume: This class assignment required me to some research on one of my favorite authors and anthropologist, Joseph Campbell.

Known for his book, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"(1949). I was already familiar with the work of Joseph Campbell having done my I.B. Extended Essay on his book. The research paper of over 4,000 words really made me comfortable with his work but not before have I really researched the man himself. This new insight gave me a better understanding of the author's purpose and intent in his writing. This definitely helped me form a better understanding of a creative person. One that creates is one that finds inspiration around him.

IA Speaker Series | Mark S. Long | Sid Martin Biotechnology: Being a business major and already entrepreneurial inclined spirit this speaker series made me more aware of all the opportunities there are for someone with a idea and even more importantly a devotion and willingness to work on their idea. The incubation hub, innovation minor, business major... it all seemed to line up with everything I had going for me except... for the idea. Once I get an idea I'm willing to commit to I expect to see myself developing it at the incubation hub or at a start-up workshop! :)

Dance vs. PowerPoint, a modest proposal John Bohannon:

I have never before seen anything as creative as this seen it comes to presentations. I have never thought of using dance as a medium to help communicate ideas we usually leave to PowerPoint, Prezi's, and google slides. It works too! This is not your traditional presentation so keep your mind open to the possibilities, I know next time I present I'll try to add some of this to it, maybe add music to it instead. My biggest takeaway was how mundane and boring some presentations can be yet we still continue to do them as we have for so many years. well... times change!

IDEO Shopping Cart:

This was one of the first videos we watched in our creativity in context class and it raised a lot of questions. first, since when was there a demand for a state-of-the-art shopping cart? And the "are we gonna have to do that?'. Hilarious at the moment we failed to realize it did relate to a project we did later (see 3D modeling). The left an considerable impression on my mindset for the creative process. I learned to appreciate the chaotic and seemingly disorganized free flow of ideas, only because I catch myself doing this myself except my group members never gave their consent for my radical ideas so... yeah! The hierarchy and stake in the matter really flipped my typical vision of a project especially a funded project from a company known to innovate.

Reflection - one of my most spontaneous photos - I literally ran to get this photo before the pool closed and held up the student lifeguards at the gate. Just wanted to share this part of my 30 day creative challenge.
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