Taking on History The Washington Irving Intermediate School Memoir Night

Henry Ford, Jane Goodall, Josephine Baker, Albert Einstein, and the Rockefellers all made it Wednesday night to the Washington Irving Intermediate School for its annual Memoir Night. The evening showcases students' historical research skills in which students in the WI Challenge Program take on the persona of an historical figure to explain that person and the impact they had on history, backed up with intensive research, archival information, and facts.

Students dressed as their characters and made presentations during the evening to visitors, and there were many on Wednesday night. Fifth graders have been working with the Rockefeller Archives, using primary source documents to study four different historical events: the explorer Richard Byrd's trip to Antarctica; the "War of the Worlds" radio event with Orson Welles; Rockefeller Philanthropy to our national parks, and the United Nations.

A study of the explorer Richard Byrd.

Albert Einstein in the flesh.

War of the Worlds exhibit.

Here, fourth-grader Mika explains her project, centered around a little girl living in war-torn Japan.

Kudos to WI Challenge teacher Elisabeth Hickey for spearheading another great Memoir Night!

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