Vase and Bottle Using the Pinch and coil Method

3 Pounds of Clay
Sketch ideas of what you are going to make
Various Tools for doing incising and applique designs on their objects
Bag to store your work and your extra clay

Directions for Project

Make one Pinch Vase and one Pinch Bottle using the pinch and coil technique
Each will be at least 5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. (Do not make them too big)
Incorporate all “Parts of the pot” (Lip, Neck, Shoulder, body, foot.)
Parts of a Vase
One Vase should have an Incising design and the other vase should have an Applique design
Make sure the designs are abstract (No names or other clichés: Happy faces, heart, fish, etc.) you can use your found objects as well. It needs cover the whole body of the the vase.
Identify your piece with name and period # on the bottom of each. NO PROJECT WILL BE GRADED WITHOUT IT (Mark the bottom of the base with your personal chop if possible).

Learning Targets

What: Create a vase and bottle using the pinch a coil technique. Each must have a design on them.
Why: That is up to you. What is your why
Success Will Look Like: A completed Vase and Bottle that are 2 inches wide by 5 inches tall. Each will include all a parts of a vase. Both items will have either a incising or applique design covering the whole body of each artistic piece

Do Not Forget to Wedge Your Extra Clay!

Check the video below to See the Process

Planning Sheets For the Project

Sketches for your Vase ideas

Pattern Worksheet

Texture Worksheet

Student Examples

Created By
Frank Eager


All examples are from student work