Keep Believing Reception autumn 1

Welcome to Reception, our first topic is 'Keep Believing'

We will be focusing on mental health and well being and confidence building, as well as key skills in reading, phonics, maths and writing. Also, making new friends, getting to know the classroom environment, learning to follow the Golden rules and remembering how to wash our hands properly.

Important information

The Reception school day starts at 8.40 am and ends at 2.40 pm.

You will need to line up outside each classroom along the white lines. Your class teacher will meet you at the door and sanitize your hands when you come into the classroom.

Lunch time will be at 11:45 and eaten in class with a Midday Assistant. Once lunch is eaten, you will be taken outside to play in class bubble groups.

Please be on time for collection of your children at the same point they were dropped off in the morning.

Families can find out more information about Reception learning, activities and how to help at home on our twitter feed @reception_wia.

The Creative Me

I will explore my new learning environment and the resources available, exploring cultural diversity through colour mixing and patterns in response to music by Pharell Williams and the work of Frida Kahlo.

The Healthy Me


The first half term of this academic year has been developed to allow us to explore different emotions and anxieties that we all face as we start back at school. We will be following the 'Jigsaw' and REST programmes as well as the most up-to-date government guidance to support our pupils (and staff) with their mental health and resilience to cope with a variety of situations.

I will join in with regular circle time activities where I will voice my ideas and listen to others.

As part of a group I will participate in the NHS 10-minute program to support my mental health and well-being.


This half term we will be exploring moving and travelling in Gymnastics. I will learn Yoga poses, learning how to breathe, stretch and move in ways to reflect my emotions.

Our PE day is Thursday, I can wear my PE kit to school and joggers if it is cold.

The Independent Me

We will focus on Rhyming through the stories, Where's my Teddy Eddy; Each Peach Pear Plum and Betty Botter.

You can support your child at home by sharing books with them and recording their achievements in their planner. Try to watch the phonics videos our teachers have produced which will be available soon on our Twitter page and the federation Website. Your child will be bringing home their school planner very soon which will give you more ideas to support your child's learning at home.

I will develop an enjoyment of stories and rhymes and join in with repeated language.

I will start to use sounds taught in Read Write Inc phonics time (m, a, s and d).

I will give meaning to the marks I make.

I will begin to form some recognisable letters.

Our planned stories are

Where’s my Teddy Eddy

Each Peach Pear Plum

Betty Botter

Oi Dog


Little Red Riding Hood

The Inquisitive Me

Teachers will be completing baseline assessments during the coming weeks and will be asking for parental input via our on line learning journal, Learning book.

I will explore numbers to 5 by counting objects when in a line.

I will explore fives frame to subitize.

I will count forwards and backwards.

I will begin to represent 5 in a variety of ways.

This is Me

I will work with others to solve problems as part of a group and show responsibility in the classroom.

I will explain my own knowledge and share my learning with my family and join in with customs and routines.

I will explore social, moral, spiritual and cultural opportunities through reading a variety of books and through Religious Education lessons.

I will participate in an act of Worship everyday, focusing on our value of Thankfulness.

I will try to answer the big question "How will you show thankfulness?"

I will develop an understanding and an awareness of other cultures and my own and gain an understanding of myself and the wider community through stories, rhymes, art and music.


Created with an image by Jude Beck - "Woman at Sunset"