Amtoj's Hass Journal La:14

Note taking!!!⬛️

1) Who were the first settlers in W.A?

1.Captain Charles Fremantle raised the British flag at Arthur Head in 1829 to claim the Swan River Colony, later W.A for Britain.

2.The first migrants in 1829-30 were mainly retired servicemen on half-pay, professional men with their families, and artisans and servants from Britain.

3.The population was further enhanced between 1850 and 1868 when convicts were sent to the colony.

2) Why did they settle?

1.I was a military and civilian settlement, not a settlement for convicts- at least not yet.

2.They had a challenging time entering Cockburn. Some people came to settle there for different religious views.

3.Another reason is that they could trade spices, foods, and clothings, which the king wouldn't let them do a lot of.

3) How did they establish the colony?

1.Sixteen-century England was a place. Because they could make more money from selling wool than from selling food.

2.Many of the nation's landowners were farmers' fields into pastures for sheep.

3.They led to a food shortage at the same time, many agricultural workers lots their jobs.

4) Why did the Swan River Colony develop?

The 'Swan River' colony was the name givin to the original British settlement in Western Australia. On 2 May 1829 Captain Charles Fremantle claimed the colony for Britain.

2. It was Vlamingh who named it 'Swan River' after its black swans: to European eyes black was an unusual colour for swans.

3.Captain Charles Fremantle raised the Bristol flag in 1829.

British flag!!!

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