BULLDOG LEADERS Cache hs 16-17

You were nominated by teachers within our school as students who can be helpful in leading to great ideas at Cache High School

We want your input!




noun: motto; plural noun: mottoes; plural noun: mottos

a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution.

"the school motto, “Serve and obey”"

It must be original! It must be unique! It must be for us!

Small Groups to get to know one another and brainstorm ideas...

What would you like to see in our school?

Ready Set Go............


"Our school only goes forward, not baclwards." Crystal Colbert

ideas: We should do at the end of the year a field trip for the whole high school to frontier city or the water park or something

-with strength and pride we bring performance to life -cache bulldogs By: Rebekah Roman

-a better future is built on strength and pride -cache bulldogs By: Rebekah Roman

ideas: Once every two weeks everyone should be able to go off campus for lunch.

ideas: We should have some sort of fun hour (during 7th hour) where we can get out of class and talk or hang out with friends at the football field, like on the Friday's before breaks.


With pride and honor, our people are led, as we brave this journey we remember our home...THE BIG RED! -Kinson Jung

We students bring encouragement, respect, and show hope through others. We bring life into the work we do to prove that we will be successful, living each day through learning and moving forward throughout the year.

Students today; Leaders Tomorrow

Our generation will strive to succeed and reach our goals and reach for our most wildest dreams and reach above our exceptions. -Bailey Davis-Gray


2 mottos came close to winning, but one eventually gained more votes...(Drum Roll...)

With pride and honor, our people are led; as we brave this journey, we remember our home...The Big Red! -Kinson Jung

Things that have been accomplished since last meeting: CacheHS Snapchat, more spirit days. More competitions between classes.

Blankets, fundraiser for Valentine, I am assembly???


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