I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree By: ayda JAmil

Early Years

Henelore Wolff's early years were very rough. She was separated from her family and lost a lot people that she cared about. She suffered from brutal beatings, starvation, very tough labor, etc. Although her childhood was very difficult, she made it through.


This persons main accomplishments included many things. One accomplish that I believe is a tremendous one is surviving. She had a little, food hard labor, strict rules, and got moved around camp to camp like luggage. When I got so unbearably hard to handle, she gave up on her emotions. She gave up on caring and living when I got so unbearably hard to handle, she give up on her emotions. She gave up on caring and living because even though she was alive, She wasn't living. But, she made it through. Another accomplishment was writing her book. If it wasn't for her past experiences and writing it down in this book I would've never learned so much about this topic. She touched so many peoples hearts, including mine.


Laura Hillman influenced so many people. She influenced me greatly and I have learned so much from her. I now appreciate things even more and I am more grateful for everything I have. She made people a view things another way, a positive way. I'm sure she had an effect on every person that read this book.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to others. I would recommend this book because I would consider this book one of the best books I've read. It is so interesting and influenutial to learn about all of the awful things happen to people in the past. In class we do learn about this topic, arrange this book takes it a step further and you learn so much more and go even deeper.





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