Comparative Traits Made by: Alexander CUshing

George Washington


Definition: A person who supervises others, especially workers.

Cushing: I chose overseer as a trait because I actually command over six hundred real people on a video game which is very positive. It might sound easy to command over six hundred people on a video game, but it is actually very tough. The video game involves weapons, wars, and anomalous entities. I have to control the funding, manufacturing, alliances, rankings, rogue members, administration, assassinations, spies, trainings, wars, and much more. I would love to leave this legacy behind me because then people would might use me as a role model in this video game to make a better environment for the members of this group. This is similar to what Washington had to do therefore making me think we are very alike in overseeing.

Washington: George Washington was a overseer because of the presidency and other types of conflict he has overcome which was positive. He was the commander in chief of the American Revolution which supported him in the presidency of the United States that he never desired. This trait left behind a great legacy and left a role model for new upcoming presidents or overseers of the future. George Washington was in control of many things that I said proving that we are alike through overseeing wise.

John Adams


Definition: Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination.

Cushing: I chose spirited as a trait because I feel determined to get school over with so I can get to the breaks such as summer break, winter break, and spring break. I want to leave this legacy so people learn that you just need to move on with life, but still do your best. This is very positive for everyone.

Adams: John Adams was spirited because he was determined to support the rights of the colonists and gain their trust. He wanted to leave behind a trusted persons legacy which was very positive.

Thomas Jefferson


Definition: Able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Cushing: I chose patient as a trait because I don't really get annoyed crazy fast. I want to leave this legacy behind because it will leave a positive influence on people to be patient which is positive.

Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson was very patient when it came to problems and conflicts during his presidency. He wanted to leave this behind so other presidents will do the same which is positive.

James Madison


Definition: Being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people.

Cushing: I chose this trait because I feel like me and James Madison are slightly shy. I sometimes act shy. This is probably a negative or neutral thing because you need to talk to others. I don't really want this in my legacy so I am changing it. I'm only a little shy though.

Madison: James Madison is shy because of his weak voice and small height. This is a negative effect because it left a bad impression on the United States citizens. He did not want to leave this legacy so he tries to change it.

James Monroe


Definition: Slow to reveal emotion or opinions.

Cushing: I chose reserved as a trait because if my mom asks me what I want for dinner, I say, "I don't know." Then she gets extremely mad because thats what I always say. I don't really want to leave this legacy behind because its kind of negative.

Monroe: James Monroe was very reserved and didn't have much opinion on anything when he didn't have to. He probably didn't want to leave this behind because it can be negative so he tried to stop it.


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