Being a Reflection “I think in the world we live in today, often times the pressure for us to try to fit in and be something other than we were made is at an all-time high”

Reflection Music Group artist Derek Minor just released a new album, Reflection, with which he wants to encourage people that what they see in the mirror is beautiful.

“God made you great. God gave you purpose. You’re unique and have gifts and talents that are worth pursuing.”

For Derek Minor, reflecting Christ is simply being who God made him to be. He says it is taking the gifts that God has given him and offering them to be used however God wants to use them.

From the start, he sought to make Reflection a very personal album. Minor wanted listeners to get as much of the musical experience as possible directly, so he decided to produce most of the album himself. He also wrote the hooks for every song except “Love Go High.”

“This is all, one hundred-fifty percent Derek Minor craftiness when it hits you.”

One of the most inspirational songs on Reflection is “Change The World,” which features Hollyn and has origin in Derek Minor’s ability to travel. One country that is very important to him is Haiti, and a ministry there he supports is called Hands and Feet Project, an organization whose purpose is to “provide family-style, residential care and sustainable solutions that fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis.”

He recently travelled to Haiti with filmmaker Will Thomas to create a video for this song. All of this, as well as Minor’s interview with us, occurred before Hurricane Matthew impacted Haiti, killing hundreds and leaving tens of thousands displaced.

Derek Minor believes that each person has the power to change the world. Although “changing the world” can seem like an overwhelmingly large goal, Minor says that doing a good deed, no matter how small it may be, is changing the world.

“When my wife had delivered our children and couldn’t work for the longest [time], we had people come over and help clean the house. That’s changing the world.”

He says that though many people can see changing the world as having to impact an immeasurable amount of people, small gestures of kindness can change the world.

“I’m a black man. I talk about it a lot. I’ve wrestled with my identity.”

Race is something that Derek Minor speaks on in many songs of Reflection, and says that in spite of what may come against him,

“I have to look at myself in the mirror and be like, ‘No, God has made you exactly how He wants you to be and that you have greatness inside of you.”

A relatively unknown fact about Derek Minor is that he loves acting. In the music video for “You Know It,” Derek Minor displayed his acting abilities, portraying Donald Trump, a clown, as well as other characters. “I had to put on a couple hours of make up for the clown scene, trim my hair for the Donald Trump scene. It was intense but it was fun though.”

“Good Enough” is a song on Reflection portraying the idea of not feeling good enough, a mindset that Derek Minor does not want people to have.


With “Until I’m Gone,” Derek Minor wants to tell people that regardless of where they go and what they accomplish, to never forget where they came from.

“Never forget the people that were there for you. I’ve been making music since I was a fifteen-year-old. [My family] watched me grow from being a very horrible, not really good fifteen-year-old rapper to a guy being covered in Billboard, with a Grammy Award, Stellar Award.”

Minor says that he loves the support he receives from his family, and wanted to show how much he appreciates them in this song and its music video.

“Things Fall Apart” talks about trying to put pieces of life back together when they fall apart.

“When we try to put them back together sometimes that doesn’t work out the way we planned, but God is the ultimate cleaner upper. He is the ultimate fixer; He fixes everything.”

Derek Minor says that when our lives fall apart, we have to run to God because only he can put it back together the right way.

If a person only had time to listen to three songs on Reflection, Derek Minor would want them to hear “Look At Me Now,” “Things Fall Apart,” and “Greatness.”

“Those three songs would fill a pretty solid EP or playlist.”

In the future, Derek Minor says that fans of his record label, Reflection Music Group, can expect “albums on albums on albums on albums on albums. Everybody is working. Everybody is recording. The main thing you can expect from us is more great music.”

“I think the moment I don’t progress and the moment I’m not getting better is the moment I’ve got to hang the mic up and quit. I think at the end of the day, that’s the main thing. Constantly getting better.”

You can follow Derek Minor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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