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What does a good citizen look like

A good citizen is a person who respects the rights and responsibilities of all people. They do this because it is the correct thing to do, it is a social responsibility which is something you should do. These people also pay taxes because it is a personal responsibility which is something you have to do. These are some basic pointers on how to be a good citizen.

What makes a good athlete

A good athlete is someone who is fit has great physical ability but is also a good person. These people need to be very fit because the sport that they do requires great physical ability and having great physical ability requires being fit. These people also need to have good. Sportsmanship or else nobody will like them and they will never get anywhere unless they become nice and friendly. There are many aspects to being a good athlete but these are three very important ones.

EU essential question

the EU has many centripetal forces working for it, and centrifugal forces working against its supranational cooperation.the EU has many centripetal forces working for it, and centrifugal forces working against its supranational cooperation.when people have power they begin to get greedy and refuse to give up power and want more power, the problem with this is that once people get power they don't want to join the EU for fear of losing the power. This a centrifugal force because it is forcing Europe in two very different directions.there are some benefits to being in the EU such as the trading and protection, many small countries who have little power will join because they don't have anything to lose and everything to gain.when countries join they a lot of benefits for their country and its people, the more countries the stronger the EU gets the more it can help your country and provide stronger protection and have more trading opportunities. they are a trade block and there are no tariffs which is a major benefit for everybody.there are many different centripetal and centrifugal forces working for and against the EU and its wanting to help Europe.

Sw and Central Asia essential question

be useful in many different ways. one way having petroleum oil can positively effect a riegon is wealth. The crude oil that comes out of the oil reserves is very valuable and expensive once refined. Riegons that have this oil can become very wealthy from selling oil. one example of wealth for petroleum rich countries is the Saudi royal family. They are some of the richest people in the world. For example they spent 800 million on vacation and 10 million on fresh flowers every day. Once the Saudi prince installed an elevator to get to the beach because he didn't want to walk down. one way having petroleum oil reserves can negatively affect countries is war and wealth distribution. Most oil rich countries do not give the oil money to the poor people in their country. It is usually that the wealthy people benefit and the poor (which is majority) get nothing or very little.e example is the gulf war many countries got involved to protect the oil having oil can benefit and negatively effect a country


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