WNPF Mission:

To raise private support to deepen the public’s love for, understanding of, and experiences in Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks.

WNPF Vision:

Strong, Vibrant, Youthful and Everlasting National Parks

Positioning Statement:

WNPF is the only self-sustaining, philanthropic organization dedicated exclusively to the stewardship and support of Washington’s most treasured places: Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks.

Situation Analysis:

WNPF seeks to build and own positioning as the resource for stewardship and support of Washington’s National Parks via private and corporate giving.

Social Mission

As the primary resource for Washington residents and visitors interested in supporting Washington’s National Parks, our aim is to lead in social with the WPNF mission and an inspirational call-to-action to increase meaningful engagement and broaden the existing donor base and awareness.


Visitors & Advocates:

The work that we do is for you! This pillar is anchored in sharing user generated stories. Featuring your personal experiences, favorite spots in the parks and ways to experience them. People and faces to always be featured in this imagery. Selected images should follow the Leave No Track principle.

Portion: 25% of posts

Education and Information:

We realize that “you don’t know, what you don't know”, so we want to help equip Washington Parks visitors with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions that will impact Washington parks.

Portion: 20% of posts

The Parks

Showcasing the beauty and wonder of each park reminding folks what it is WNPF is working to protect. This pillar will call out and show the parks, the landscape, trails and the physical spaces and iconic nature.

Portion: 25% of posts

Collaboration & Partners

We are so lucky to have wonderful and influential partners that we want to recognize in social.

Portion: 10% of posts

Programs & Projects

It’s important to remind and revisit the various programs and project progress along the way. People like to see and track their impact.

Portion: 20% of posts


Type of content: Images, video, Live Video, Instagram Stories

Respond to all comments, Like all comments, thank people for tagging friends and asking leading questions.

When answering questions on Instagram, answer the question publicly (even if to tell the person to send a direct message (DM); users will see and understand WNPF is engaging with its users.

Do NOT share URL's in Instagram comments. Users cannot click them, send them a direct message instead or update the Link in bio.

Tag and @mention partners and people/influencers when relevant and inform partners when you are posting (before and after) and ask for a comment, like, and share.

Consistently boost posts with a small amount of money (example: $5, geo-targeted to Washington State, layer in interest targeting around the Parks)

Facebook/Instagram Ads:

Create Awareness Ads in Facebook ads manager, this will give WNPF the farthest reach for the lowest cost. Geo-targeting Washington State, and layer in some relevant interests to drive people to the website. The user will be tracked via the Facebook tracking pixel (for retargeting at a later date) and drive conversion.

Instagram Follower Growth:

Engage around the hashtag like #mtrainier, #northcascades, #olympicnationalpark by liking and commenting on posts.

Keep the follow/following ration in check, under 1,000. Follow about 20 people per day and unfollow after 48 hours.


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