Sonic 1 Story/Walkthough By: Sonic the Hero

Thank you for the 1000 folllowers on Sonic Amino!!! You don't know how much this means to me!!! Using this application I've created an explanation of the events that go on while playing sonic 1 the original game in 1991. I'd appreciate the likes and follows back in Sonic Amino, and if I get enough support I might make one for sonic 2 and beyond so spread support as well and thank you so much!! 😭😭😭 It has been the best thing that kept me making content for Sonic Amino. So Let's get started 😁😁😁

The game that started it all! Made by SEGA in 1991 to compete with Mario and Super Mario World. Sonic was an instant hit with this game selling 1.5 million copies. I'm here to explain how the first game was like.

Green Hill Zone

After watching the 5 second startup screen with sonic waving his finger, we get introduced to this stage. Filled with lush green grass and a lake in the background. Sonic caught the attention of many gamers. Green Hill has been in several sonic games besides Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedeghog: The original and first level with colorful landscapes made this game exciting to play and enjoy, features your act 1, 2, and 3

Sonic Adventure 2: If you get a "A" rank on all 180 missions in SA2 then you unlock the special stage of Green Hill Zone, playable with other characters like knuckles and Shadow.

Sonic generations: For the 20th anniversary of Sonic in 2011 SEGA made a game that had all of their best stages into a game. First Level and has a 2D and 3D sections as well.

During the game you'll come across Eggman's enemy robots while you'll have to fight in order to save the native animals "flickies" from being fuel for his evil robots

At the end you'll fight Dr. Eggman a reoccurring villian to the sonic series and this game. You beat him and you save the flickies he was going to use for his robot army

There isn't much to this stage, no hazards, enemies are simple to beat, plenty of rings in this stage, this shouldn't be too hard to beat. It should take 6-7 minutes to go beat this stage.

Marble Zone

After defeating Eggman, You go on to Marble Zone. Located in some historic like place filled with lava, this place should take some time to go through. While Green Hill had you going fast through loop-de-loops, this place will have you jumping from place to place without getting burnt by the lava.

There isn't much story in this game but for players who were breezing through the first stage will take their time on this one.

After going throug the 3 acts in this stage you'll find Eggman and will rematch him again. Shoud take some practice to beat him, this stage should take 11-12 minutes to beat, unless you're really good.

Eggman's creations are rather simple, but for this boss he drops fire on the platform you're standing on so jump to the other one while you continue to attack Eggman floating in his hover chair.

You're not too sure how to stop Eggman so you follow him to the next areas until you figure it out.

Spring Yard Zone

The 3rd area to Sonic, each stage has its unique enemies you'll have to face. The artwork for the first 3 levels you've played is done well and it feels polished. It makes you excited to continue to play the game. The gameplay is exciting so you get more into playing it. This area is closer to where Eggman's base is so you continue

Just like Green Hill Zone you can pick up speed easily, and enjoy what started to make you play the game

This stage should be faster to beat than marble zone but you should watch the spiked balls and spikes. Mainly what you're trying to do now is find Eggman and save the imprisoned flickies from him which he uses for his army.

The boss of spring Yard zone is another one of Eggman's ridicolously made machines. Eggman continues to use the spike on the bottom of his hoverchair to slowly take away the platform you're on to make you fall and lose a life. All you need to do is to attack him when he's starts to descend and take a platform while avoiding the spike.

Don't worry the stage isn't as long as Marbke Zone but should take you 8-9 minutes to complete

So now you've been through half the game here's a recap of what happened

You found out that Dr. Eggman or Dr. Robotnik was enslaving the Flicky animals to be turned into robots for his own evil purposes. You go through green hill to stop him.

After you beat him he escapes away and you chase him here in Marble Zone. You eventually catch up to him but still continue on chasing him.

You then find Eggman here and beat all though this time he escapes as well so you continue to chase him so you could stop him.

Labyrinth Zone

The first and only aquatic area of this game. Featured in some secret underwater area it has its share of aquatic enemies. Here you realize that Sonic can only breathe underwater for a cerain length of time and despise this level.

Sonic's movement in water is slower than on land so you need to contestantly go up for air in order to pass through this stage.

The slowed movement makes it harder to manuever through Labryinth zone which can make enemies easier to damage you. As long as you have a ring you won't die.

As usual, after the three acts you'll encounter Eggman and will have to chase him through some climbing maze in order to see him flee off in the distance. You feel like you're close to his base you chase after him. This should take 9-10 minutes to complete.

Star Light Zone

The 5th stage in this game. While Marble Zone and labyrinth Zone were slow and tiresome, this stage is all about speed. Running on top of buildings late at night, this stage feels peaceful and relaxing despite the fact you're able to breeze through it.

This is the 2nd to last stage of this game, so get ready to beat it once you get here.

A stage like this has catapult like launching machines (above photo) and springs to manuever through the stage. The higher you are in the stage the less chance you have of falling into a bit where you can see the sides of the buildings. This Zone could be a road leading to Eggman's base so you continue your chase.

Many people say that this is their favorite zone besides possibly green hill, because it's fast to run through, it's relaxing and isn't too hard to beat

At the end you'll encounter Dr. Eggman's fifth machine,

At the end you'll fight Dr. Eggman's creation where he drops spiked balls and you have to catapult them back up at him. After you get enough hits he'll escape and follow him.

Scrap Brain Zone

The final stage of this game and the hardest, scrap brain zone is no picnic, with there being enemies, fire traps and pitfalls at every angle. This is the hardest stage of the game. While the harder stages took longer like marble zone from platforming over lava and Labryinth from breathing underwater, this stage is hard by how precise you have to move through the stage.

Being on this final stage you're more determined to complete the game, no matter how hard it is.

You go through the first 3 acts like normally how you'd progress through the game. You realize that your in Eggman's base so you continue and try to destroy it.

You eventually get to the final boss. The boss is difficult involving you to avoid Eggman smashing you while attacking him at the same time. After hitting him 8 times his final machine will be destroyed.

After you destroy Dr. Robotnik's robots, you hurry out away from the exploding base. Afterwards you go through green hill zone and see your flicky friend's waiting for you

When you catch up with them, you jump through the screen and do a victory pose. The credits start to roll... You've beat the game! A little while after the credits roll showing the various areas you've been in.

Once the credits are over you'll be shown a screen of Dr. Robotnik. If you get the 6 chaos emeralds before beating the game, you get shown of robotnik mad (down below) If not Robotnik will juggle the remaining emeralds with a screen saying Try again. Telling you that you need to get the emeralds in order to fully complete the game leaving some replay ability.

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