Children forced in wars Sierra smith, Tre london, Huncho faulk

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Forced into war; Documentary By Huncho Faulk

Childhood lost; A short story by Tre'on london

Child Soliders Poem; by Sierra Smith

Bibliography; Huncho Faulk


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a slave? Slavery is shown through child soldiers. It’s shown in the book Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick. The main character Arn, comes in as a child soldier. The child soldiers were starving for days, they were tortured, they were traumatize. They were even taken from their families. That’s a lot to take in as a child. Besides the fact that Cambodia isn’t a They’ve been going through this for a long period of time particularly during 1968. That’s when the Khmer Rouge took place.

The purpose is to inform the about child soldiers. You’ll see a documentary about how child soldiers are forced into child slavery or into war. You will also see a hero’s journey story about the lost of childhood from being a child soldier. Lately, you will see poetry about the negative effects about child soldiers.

Childhood Lost

By Tre London

In Cambodia, there is a boy named Tendril Mask is 18 years living with his family,but there is a war about to happen against Japan to take over land. The Japanese move in Cambodia started to kill a bunch of people, then Tendril ran to see if his family still alive he found his mom dead in the bathtub,he started to cry and yell. Then he went up stairs to look for his dad found his dad haug on the roof with a rope round his neck.

Tendril was devastated by the deaths of his entire family and felt hopeless. He was not sure where he was going to end up without anyone else around. He feel really upset about what happened to his family, so he is trying to found out where to go to stay alive so they japanese don’t come and found to kill him to. He hated to kill all the Japanese who kill his family when they came over to take over the land. He was in the woods trying to find food or clothes to stay alive, but then he saw a city. He then walked across the river then asked people where was he then old man said, “Japan.”

Time passed, he saw a old wise man live in Japan and the old man walk to Tendril to talk to him about the war.then he explains to him that he have nowhere to live he was worried about where he was going to live in the future. He continued to tell the old man about his experience and his lack of success finding somewhere to live. The old man told him that he can stay at his house for couple weeks until he can found somewhere to live. Tell him thank you for letting me stay at your home.

Couple months later, the old wise man teaching Tendril how to be brave so he show him how, the old wise man and Tendril was doing breathing in and out so he can not think about what happen to his family when the japanese can over attack people who kill his family. The old wise man is happy for Tendril for staying in his house to help him out sometimes. While Tendril stayed at his home, he taught Tendril how to be brave in different situations in life. They became extremely close throughout the time they were living together. He gained much confidence throughout the time he was with the old wise man.

When Tendril was ready to move on from the old wise, Tendril was walking throughout Cambodia, searching for a new home, then he ran into this girl that was really cute, so they started to talk about life. Couple years later, they got married and now have two children. Two boys with the names of Jack and Tendril. They live happily ever after in their new home in Cambodia with their family.

Forced Into War

By Huncho Faulk


Bills after bills

And still in poverty

Selling our land

And still not enough money

Every day execution,

Starvation Ripped from my Family and Friends

Took for work

Everyday, Everynight, it's work work work

Without money, without food.

Everyone's always in a bad mood.

No time to play, No time to hang

Its always one big bang,

When they take everything in the end

They take all of our hard work and dedication

We always waking up sick with no medication

Dying day by day nobody's stays

We all are just hard working for the pay.


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