Finance Academy “The Academy for everyone, because everyone needs to know about business and finance!”

What is Finance?

The management of large amounts of money

Our Mission

The mission of the Business Department at Hoover High School is to prepare young people for college and career success by offering a relevant and rigorous curriculum. Courses taught within the department include industry-focused curricula, work-based learning experiences, and business partner expertise. The Department emphasizes teaching excellence to better prepare students to become creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who are prepared for college and/or employment in business.

Finance Academy Objective

The primary objective of the Finance Academy is to provide our students with the skills and experience necessary to attain entry-level jobs as well as the academic preparation for their post-secondary education in the business and finance fields. This is accomplished by linking students’ course work to academic and industry standards and encouraging high achievement by all students. Throughout their four years in the Finance Academy, students will develop relationships with local businesses and institutions of higher education to create opportunities for internships, scholarships, college acceptance and career choices.

What we offer as an Academy

Essential Features of FA

  • A smaller learning community within the larger high school setting
  • A curriculum that combines a career focus with meeting college entrance requirements
  • Partnerships with supporting employers, community members and institutions of higher education

Requirements for Admissions

  • The student must complete a written application-
  • The student must take Finance Academy 1-- which fulfills your required Career Preparedness Course
  • If accepted into the program, the student is committed until the end of the first year
  • In order to stay in the academy, students must earn the right to stay in the academy by: Participating in Finance Academy activities, and Being a positive representative of the Finance Academy

Finance Academy 1- Career Preparedness

Let us help you prepare for college and career! Finance Academy I focuses on academic planning and career development, financial literacy, and technology. Some of the course content includes hands-on experience and game simulations on digital citizenship, managing personal finances, use of credit and understanding taxes, college and career research, blogging, creating a resume and cover letter, getting ready for an interview, and using productivity software and applications. Students will also have opportunities to go on field trips and hear from guest speakers through our business and industry partners.

You have to have filled out and gotten accepted to take this class!!!

Finance Academy 2- Introduction to Financial Services

This course provides students with an overview of financial services companies and is one of the core courses offered by the Academy of Finance. The class begins with an introduction to our community’s economy and an overview of business. Next, students study the origins of money and of banking, and then move into an in-depth study of the types of companies that make up today’s financial services industry. They learn about common methods by which businesses raise capital—IPOs, selling stocks and bonds, and short-term financing—and study key investment-related terms and concepts, including the time value of money. Specific topics of importance in today’s world of finance, risk management, taxes, and ethics are examined. In addition, students will study contemporary issues including the level of personal saving in the U.S.; ethics in the financial services industry; and the industry’s effect on communities and families. Finally, students get a chance to consider the types of careers that exist in financial services companies.

You have to gave completed FA1 to take this class!!!

Finance Academy 3- Accounting 1

Did you know that accounting is consistently a highly sought-after profession, and that accounting graduates tend to make more than their peers upon graduation? That’s because accounting is the “language of business.” Companies need accountants to analyze their financials so they can make smart decisions (as an added bonus, accounting also helps individuals make smart decisions with their personal finances). Former students who took accounting at Hoover High School have expressed how their high school accounting experience made their college coursework much more understandable. Why not take a class that gives you a jump start AND a solid foundation?

You have to have completed FA2 to take this class!!


Finance Academy 4- Entrepreneurship OR Accounting 2


This course is a natural fit for Finance Academy students because entrepreneurship integrates the functional areas of business – accounting, finance, marketing, and management – and the legal and economic environment in which any new venture operates. Finance Academy 4 is a one-year course designed to provide students with the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create, and manage a business with an emphasis on real-world entrepreneurs and real businesses. Students will participate in an online internet marketing project and develop a business plan for their own business ideas!

Accounting 2

This is an advanced course for students who desire greater skills, deeper insights, and broader applications of accounting knowledge. Emphasis is on financial analysis, departmentalized accounting, corporation accounting, managerial accounting, and the use of computer applications and spread-sheets. Students will receive hands-on accounting experience by serving as business managers for the school store, The Buc Stop.

You must have completed FA3 to do either one of these classes!!

The Classes of 2016 and 2017 in NYC

We have AWESOME field trips!

We have a FA social so we get to know everybody in all FA classes!

Your Junior year you travel to Atlanta to see the Federal Reserve for OUR district!!

Your Senior year you will get to travel to New York City!

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