English Garden Tour May 23 2019

We bid farewell to our hotel in Sittingbourne and drove a short distance to Leeds Castle. Once again, so much history and romance tied into the castle walls. We began with the gardens, magnificent sprawling works of botanical art and were serenaded by swans swimming in the moats and manmade lakes. The wisteria was dripping from every walkway and this was similar to an English Cottage garden with many rosebushes already in bloom. How can one not take thousands of pictures of this dream landscape?

Our guide Sarah- a great guide is essential to a wonderful trip

Love eyebrow windows

Leeds is known as the prettiest castle in all of England and we can certainly see why. Inside the castle walls the history of the owners demonstrates that no money was spared when decorating this castle so many years ago.

It was still all about the shoes back to the beginning of time!

An hour away led us to Hever Castle~ home of Anne Boleyn, one of King Henry VIII wives. The smallish Castle has many rooms surprisingly full of nooks and crannies with the history of Henry’s infamous wives and their divorce... or doom.

A real live draw bridge into the castle

A tad bit ornate, wouldn’t you say?!

The movie “Anne of a Thousand Years” was about Anne Boleyn and starred Richard Burton

Henry and me

The gardens at Hever Castle were in the “Italian Style” and just as beautiful as I remember. The rosebushes were loaded with buds and oh SO close to bursting open! We could only dream what another week or so would bring!

An hour drive north to London as we leave the calm countryside into the hectic craziness of this bustling wonderful city. Our hotel, the Copthorne Tara, is very near Kensington Palace where William and Kate reside. There were several Rugby teams staying at our hotel for the championship matches this weekend, and apparently the USA has a great team and chance at winning!

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Julie Bartz