George Armstrong Custer Written by Rebecca brownlow

General George Armstrong Custer

George Custer's Birth

George Armstrong Custer was born on December 5, 1839. George was born in a town called New Rumley, Ohio.

Childhood of George Custer

The childhood of George Custer He was one of five children And a german immigrant and was living in monroe, michigan. At a young age George was sent to live with one of his half sisters in Monroe, michigan. he spent most of his childhood switching between different states. he attended a college in hopedale, ohio.

Early Life

During his early life he was heading for being a grammar teacher and then attend west point. over george's confidence level he won over all the congressmen and got into the military school like he wanted. during his time at west point he failed some of the academic courses as heading for officer at his military school.

Challenges George Faced

George went to West point which is a military school and he was on the edge of dismissal from the school because of the amount of skins he had, he faced a challenge of getting close and getting back into the school.GEORGE CUSTER HAD FOUR SIBLINGS ONE OF HIS YOUNGER BROTHER'S WAS UNHEALTHy, AND TWO OF HIS OTHER BROTHERS WENT TO BIGHORN BATTLE.BOTH WERE KILLED DURING THE BATTLE.

Things that made George Important

George custer graduated from west point and went into the union army at a young age. after his graduation at west point he joined the potomac's calvary, when he joined the calvary he was so bold and courageous he got moved up to be the was known for being a young civil war hero. he's most famous for his impact of the battle of gettysburg. custer was the youngest civil war general for the union army. at the end of the civil war he was promoted to the major general.

George Custer at the age of 23, he was General

Facts about how George Impacted American History

george was a great leader for the union.GEORGE WAS THE OFFICER FOR THE U.S CALVARY DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. even though he lead 200 of his men to their deaths at the battle of little bighorn. he is still known for his leadership skills.

What I Admired about George and Why

i admire george for his talented work to getting to be the highest ranked general and only being 23. i also admire him for not giving up on his military career at west point. he took charge of something so fearsome and him having so much bravery to fight for what he believes. it will help me later on in life to not give up what i want to do or be and to be brave and face my fears.


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