M.O.M.’s MASS AND BRUNCH By: sabrina degeorge

Always My Mother; Forever My Friend

Dads take part of the Monarch Parents Club

On Sunday October 27th, the M.O.M.s Mass and Brunch was held at the Scott Conference Center. The acronym M.O.M. stands for Mothers of Monarchs! It is a beautiful mass and brunch put on by the Monarch Parents Club with the help of Ms. McCoy and Mrs. Miller. It is a long standing tradition that many mothers and daughters hold close to their hearts.

Senior, Rhys Slavik, opening the event with a prayer

A few years ago the dads that are on the core team of the Monarch Parents Club decided that the mothers should not be helping plan this event because it should be their special day! The fathers take control and plan the memorable day, all the way from greeting the guests when they arrive, to the place settings on each table! Ms. McCoy helps with sending out the invitations and makes the seating arrangements. Mrs. Miller plans the mass and arranges for a priest to come say Mass for the Mercy girls and their moms.

Mercy High Singers!

This year 312 people attended the event! Many mothers and their daughters volunteer if they wish to participate in the mass by giving a reading, saying the petitions, or bringing up the gifts. Anyone can help! Mrs. Graff accompanies the Mercy High Singers while they sing at the mass. For the closing song, we sang the Suscipe, which is always a touching moment, especially for the senior moms as they too begin the first of their lasts with their daughters.

Seniors with their mommas!

Sister Delores stood up to thank everyone for attending this beautiful event by the Monarch Parents Club. Sister said that she has noticed within the last 10 years the Mercy bond has come so far and it is only getting stronger for future Monarchs! Sister Dee reminded everyone that all the Sisters of Mercy pray for each one of us and our success daily.

Tea Time with our moms!
“Time to eat!”

The brunch is served buffet style! There are eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and pastries. It is always very delicious and a highlight of the morning!

D’Lynn and Anna Buck

Another very special part of the brunch is the tradition of the mother daughter speech! Every year a mother, who is sometimes a Mercy graduate, will give a speech with her senior daughter! This year D’Lynn Buck (Class of 1988) and daughter Anna Buck (Class of 2020) gave the speech! Mercy has always been a big part of Mrs. Buck’s life. She raised Anna in the light of Mercy and has gotten to see her become a Woman of Mercy. Both Mrs. Buck’s and Anna’s speeches were heartfelt and inspiring, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! It was a wonderful day and many memories were made!

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Sabrina DeGeorge