Painting of Iceland with Adobe mobile and desktop apps

I studied Monet art for many years. I fell in love with the impressionist painting technique probably at age 14 during my painting classes. My teacher assigned me to create a presentation about Impressionism and I just fell in love with this painting style, brush strokes, and broken color technique. Since then my favorite painting techniques are: impressionism and knife painting techniques.

For me traditional and digital techniques are the same. It doesn't matter what canvas you are working on with your current project: traditional or digital, you are creating art which represents your soul, your mood, your attitude, your painting style.

Thanks to the digital era, I have ability to create my art from anywhere. I can use my desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone. I can even start working on my art using my mobile devices and continue working on it later on using my desktop. This is simply amazing and very productive. I just came back from my Iceland vacation. During the day we spent almost all the time taking pictures (using DSLR and Lr mobile) and flying drones.

Iceland is a very beautiful place, it’s like mother nature in her natural, untouched beauty. What amazed me most are the colors. I never saw colors as bright as in Iceland. The contrast and color contrast are like an impressionist painting with perfect broken color technique. Of course I had my mobile devices with me (iPad Pro and iPhone) with Adobe Sketch, Adobe Capture CC apps installed on them. When we were on location taking pictures I always took extra time to take pictures using my iPhone to create patterns, looks, colors, and of course brushes because I knew I will need all of those to create paintings of Iceland using the impressionism technique.

Using Adobe Capture CC I created my custom Impressionist brush. I decided to create the brush which will help me to apply the impasto technique to my digital painting.

Using my Oil paint and the brush I applied the simply brush stroke using impasto technique.

Using Adobe Capture CC I created my brush and saved it to my CC Library.

After that I was ready to start my digital painting of Iceland using Adobe Photoshop Sketch (free Adobe mobile app) and Adobe Photoshop CC

Painted in Adobe Photoshop Sketch
Painted in Adobe Photoshop CC

During my painting I used colors and looks of Iceland I created using Adobe Capture CC

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Victoria Pavlov


Victoria Pavlov

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