The Era of Good Feelings

I believe that the Americans were in an era of good feelings because they separated themselves from the British, and the presidents they have had were good for them. The Americans in the early 1800s were proud to be American because of the first presidents they have had. They were also proud because they defeated what was the best army in the world the British, which gave them pride in their country. Another reason could also be that the united states kept on getting larger.

The flag represents the pride the Americans had in their country.

I believe that the era of good feelings started because the united states of America wasn't in any wars with any other countries. Another reason could've of been that the United states of America had just gotten almost twice as larger. Also one of the president at that time was liked so much he was almost voted unanimously, he also personally chose the next two presidents after himself.

This image represents how the United States grow.

The artwork was somewhat unique. The types of art they used were folk art, portraits, depictions of nature, and copying traditional Native American ways. People would carve weather vanes, or hunting decoys made by ordinary people. To make the portraits they would capture the person's personality. Some of the more famous artist who did art in some of these styles were John James Audubon, and George Catlin.

This represents some of the art they did in this time.

Before the 1800 in the United States they didn't hear music unless they were in church. The Americans had three main types of music, they were classical music, spiritual music, and patriotic anthems, but they also had other types of music. Classical music was orchestras, spiritual music had an African American origin, patriotic anthems were honoring America.

The guitar represents how people got really into music in the early 1800.

There are many writers in this time, but there were four very good writers named Washington Irvin, James Fenimore Cooper, Davy Crockett, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. They all wrote great pieces such as "Rip van Winkle", "The Pioneer", an autobiography, and the song Gritianah. These are only four writers but there are many more writers in theUnited States.

This pen represents the literature that came from this time.

There weren't so many political problems at this time in America. One problem they did have was deciding if they should approve the national bank, which was supposed to unite the country. Some other problems were Federal spending on transportation projects, taxes on imported goods, and also roads and canals. Eventually the court approved congress on national bank.

This picture represents the political groups.

Many people call this time the era of good feelings, but not all people would see it that way. One type of people that wouldn't think of this time as the era of good feelings would be slaves or any African American even if they aren't free. Another type of people who wouldn't call it the era of good feelings would be woman. Women wouldn't call it this because they couldn't do anything. Slaves also wouldn't call it this because they were used as labor, or if they were free people would be very racis to them. Women also wouldn't call this time the era of good feelings because women weren't able to do much other than what their husbands told them to, or take care of their house and kids.

In conclusion that is why this time is best known for the era of good feelings. It was known as the era of good feelings in America because most people in America thought they were the the best country.

Works Cited: Hart, Diane, and Bert Bower, History Alive!:The United States through industrialism. Palo Alto, CA: Teachers' Corriculum Institute, 2011, Print.


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