Lenten Blogs 2021: Designs of Purpose By: Sister Renee Yann, RSM

For the Sisters of Mercy 2021 Lenten blog series, artist and writer Sister Renee Yann created images to evoke the spirit of the Beatitudes and the blessed journey of Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Here she describes her inspiration to use the colors of the rainbow to highlight each in a particular way.

I began with the concept of the rainbow for Easter – joy, life, celebration, the end of the storm.

Even though there are only seven colors to a rainbow, they can merge and be overlaid on one another to extend their shades.

It was suggested that a purpled theme should be used, which is why the picture background for each of the Beatitudes features a rich purple palette.

I then took each color of the rainbow and merged it slightly with the next to create the colored bar in each picture. This represents that each beatitude is significant in itself but interdependent with the others to form the full Christian.

The introduction picture, “LENT”, is a negative image of the rainbow whose brilliant colors are washed out as we await Lent’s transformation. It is turned to a vertical orientation indicating the need for Lent’s action in our souls as in, “Turn to me and be saved…”

The Ash Wednesday picture similarly conveys the color of ashes and the untransformed spirit.

The Palm Sunday picture is done in the color of the palms.

The Holy Thursday picture is in red tones to suggest wine, the Body and the Blood. The black region carries the feeling of Gethsemane.

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