Battle's of Living with Leukemia By:Haley Johnson

childhood memory's are supposed to be all fun and happy right?

Well maybe not for these Children. There memories are full of hospital beds and surgery's every day.

These children have what is called leukemia

Many children are being diagnosed with leukemia on the daily!

well what is leukemia?

  • Leukemia is a severe sickness/cancer that takes place in many children.
  • Leukemia is a cancer that starts in the organs mainly in the bone marrow and the lymph system
  • Bone marrow is a soft fatty substance in the cavities of the bones, that is where white blood cells are produced

Its hard for children with leukemia to stay positive and try there hardest to fight through this severe cancer.

that is why many cancer patients need service dogs to bring joy and happiness into there lives.

However there is a cure for this cancer!

This cure is called chemotherapy, this is a mix of chemicals that helps cancer stop growing in the cells. This treatment kills hair cells and causes the hair to fall off. That is why patients with chemotherapy are bald.

Now you can help to!

there are many kids that don't have this money to pay for these treatments. So that's why we collect money and donate it to cancer donation websites.

Here is a website were you can donate!


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