Whitkirk News! 12th february 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Hello everyone, here we are, once again, at the end of another very strange and far from typical half term. I think we can all agree that 2021 has not started in the way we hoped it would. However, we are optimists and as the days grow longer and the sun shines that little bit more, we can look forward to a brighter, safer future where we can do some of our usual special school-based events. We are so optimistic about the future that we are looking at our curriculum for summer term and the changes we need to make to ensure key learning points are covered and retained by children. We are looking at trips and visits and from 2022 onwards we are investigating the residentials we might be going on. It is exciting to plan these things and reinforces a brighter future. In the meantime, we await the Prime Minister's announcement on 22nd February which should give us two weeks' notice for any further widening of the re-opening of schools - and we will be in touch with information after that. So, this half term - take care, take time, get some exercise and fresh air and be kind to yourselves and others. We will see you bright and early on 22nd February - online or in school.


Read, read and read some more!

Now this looks to be a funny book written by the former Blue Peter presenter... Cookie thinks her life is over because her best friend is moving to Solihull. She begs her parents for a pet to fill the void and sets her heart on the cutest kitten in the pet shop, Bluey. But then the most ANNOYING boy she's ever met in her entire nine years buys Bluey and renames her Nigel! And then he joins her year at school! If that wasn't bad enough, he then moves in next door to her. AAAAGGGGHHHHH! But it's not all bad. Cookie gets the chance to go on her favourite TV show, Brainbusters. It's only a chance though - she'll have to win the school science competition first, which shouldn't be too hard. All she has to do is keep her head down, but unfortunately that's not Cookie's strong point...

What are our teachers reading? Mrs Stout's favourite book!:

It has been such a wrangle choosing my favourite story - I did not know where to begin! I love The Gruffalo, The Bad Tempered Ladybird and The Tiger who came to tea.......however, I had to decide so I have gone with 'The lion who wanted to love' by Giles Andreae. I have shared this story in assembly before and I love the meaning behind it - it takes someone strong to be different and everyone should and must include others. These reflect our school values and I love the pictures as well!!! My favourite section is where Leo bravely jumps into the rapids to save the baby cheetah and then gets stuck himself (do not worry, the baby cheetah is fine.) Then all of the other animals come together, hooking tail and paw, to rescue Leo. I really like that the animals get to say thank you to Leo for his kindness but also that they come together with a shared and very important aim- to save Leo from the waterfall. Giles Andreae has written many books and I strongly recommend you look for them - you can share them with adults but the older children can share with younger cousins and siblings too. Try 'Rumble in the Jungle' 'Commotion in the Ocean' and 'Giraffes can't dance'.

World Book Day

Not that we need an excuse to celebrate reading at Whitkirk but World Book Day is just around the corner and, well, it would be rude not! World Book Day is officially on the 4th March; however, we will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 5th March. This is so that we can share our outfits and celebrations during our Achievement Assemblies. It wouldn't be World Book Day without dressing up so on Friday 5th March, whether you're at home or at school we'd like you to dress up as your favourite book character. We are going to be taking part in a Ready, Steady, Read competition to see which pupil and which class can read the most times throughout the week. This will be a sponsored read (more information to follow). The fun doesn't stop there... on Friday afternoon (4.3.21) it will be time to get creative with our potato challenge (design and create your own potato book character) and we're also in the process of booking some special author events.

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


We have loved health and wellbeing week! The children at home have used the characters from the film 'Inside Out' to help us talk about our emotions. Lots of children said they felt happy! Our remote learners have been thinking about what makes a balanced meal and have been cooking healthy recipes. At school, we designed healthy lunch boxes. We created feeling fans and we were inspired by an artist who used fruit to create portrait pictures; we then created our own by stamping with real fruit. We also make belonging trees that showed all the people and groups we are linked to. In maths, we have been learning all about measuring height and length. We drew around our feet, predicted his many unifix long they would be and then measured to check. We found out who had the shortest feet and the longest feet in the bubble! At home, we measured the length of our rooms using large steps, baby steps and handspans amongst other non-standard units of measurement. We compared the room lengths to see which was the longest and shortest. We all loved the danceathon and Whitkirk Mile too!


In school this week, Year 1 have fully embraced our health and well being week. We began our literacy work this week by reading ‘Ruby’s Worry’ by Tom Percival. We took away a very important message away from the book that we must always share or talk about our worries with somebody else in order for them to shrink or disappear. This sparked a conversation about other strategies we could do to help ourselves when we have worries. We created our own ‘How to get rid of a worry’ rainbow to give other children advice on what to do if you have a worry! The children suggested listening to music, meditating and distracting ourselves with things we enjoy.

Year 2 have really enjoyed Health and Wellbeing week. Our English text has been based on the story “Ruby’s Worry,” and it has really helped us think of lots of different ways to deal with our worries. We have also really enjoyed Science this week where we had to create a shield using all of our knowledge on materials. A huge thank you must go to all the parents who have encouraged the children throughout the half term with their home learning and learning in school. Year 2 have made excellent progress! On behalf of all the children in Year 2 can we say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Gale who has been our amazing second teacher this half term! We hope you enjoy your rest- you deserve it!


We have had a fantastic final week of the half term in year 3 - we've made shadow puppets in Science and wrote our own Egyptian adventure stories in English, it has been jam-packed! We have loved health and well-being week and I think the adults enjoyed the Danceathon as much as the children! Everyone has amazed us with their resilience and hard work this half term; all whilst managing to keep smiles on their faces. Well done to every single one of you; Miss Baker and Miss Tomlinson are so proud of you!

What a final week of the half term we have had! This week, Y4 have enjoyed Health and Wellbeing week and taken part in so many amazing activities! On Monday, we thought about different ways we can relax and created some beautiful pieces of artwork. On Safer Internet Day, we thought about our school value of 'trust' and whether we can trust someone or something that we see online and what we might do if we see something that upsets us . We had some great advice - if you need any, give Y4 a call! On Wednesday, we thought about our diet and how that can make us feel happier, as well as healthier, by creating and designing some delicious smoothies including "Coconut Paradise", "Refresh" and "James' Juice Boost"! On top of all this, we've really persevered with our new division method and created an informative non-chronological report about what makes us unique. Thank you to all of Y4 for making us smile everyday (including all the grown-ups at home!)


If anyone knows how to end the term in style-it’s Team 5! It’s been week full of dancing (and we mean A LOT of dancing!) Yoga, positivity cards and smiley backgrounds. All our values have shone this week and in particular friendship. We have all thoroughly enjoyed carrying out so many different activities to promote Health and Wellbeing Week. As much as we love learning, it has been nice to switch off throughout the week to relax and take a moment to breathe-even if you can hear a few pets in the background! All the teachers have been so impressed by the resilience shown by everybody this term because so much fantastic learning has taken place. We have had so much to celebrate which has been lovely. Some of our most memorable moments include flying parachutes from our bedroom windows, competing in Times Table Rockstar battles (for the record, we beat Year 6!), designing prosthetic hands (thank you to Mrs Tomlinson for a fantastic prototype!) and not forgetting when Mrs Walker dressed up as Greg from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid!’ It really has been an excellent term. Well done Year 5-you really are the dream team!!!

What a week it has been for Year 6! We have thoroughly enjoyed our Health and Wellbeing Week (especially being able to have a sneaky boogie in the middle of learning!). We have thought about a wide range of ways to keep ourselves healthy this week from staying safe online, how to keep our minds healthy and how to keep our bodies healthy to name just a few! What a way to finish off a very interesting half term! Our learning this week has definitely stretched and challenged us. We are now metric conversion wizards; ask us any question! We have also (very sadly!) finished our learning on Macbeth. We have been on an epic journey of murder, deceit, betrayal and battles! Our writing this week has been testament to how much we know about the famous tragedy and how much we have enjoyed every moment of it! I'm sure we now have some Shakespeare fans in Year 6!

Star of the Week!

Take care everybody and have a super half term!

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