AI vs. Natural Breeding in cattle Bryce Bell & Jillian Hagerty

Natural Breeding

  • Bulls are put in with heifers during desired breeding season

Artificial Insemination

  • - Allows bulls with higher genetic merit available to everyone.

Which Type is More Efficient?

  • Several costs associated with both types
  • Different bull to cow ratios
  • Different conception rates
  • Different synchronization methods

Artificial Insemination Costs

  • Semen
  • One shot propagandist
  • Technician fees and other labor
  • Semen tank and Al Guns
Betsy the cow getting artificially inseminated by her owner.

Natural Breeding Pros/Cons


  • Less Labor Intensive
  • Less risky than AI
  • Cheaper more realistic choice for most operations


  • Typically a longer calving season
  • Takes longer to introduce new genetics
  • Less uniformity within the herd

Artificial Insemination


  • Bulls with high genetic merit are available to everyone
  • Possibility of increased calf performance
  • Option to sell calves in a value added market


  • More Labor
  • More risk involved
  • Tends to be more expensive
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