Let's talk about your brand. Your brand is essentially your message to the world.


Some things I want you to think about #fromdayone are what is the message you want your brand to represent? What emotion do you want to connect to? In my one on one's and makeovers, I always ask...what emotion do you want to sell? Empowerment, Love, Excitement, Strength, Unity? All create different sensations within the individual, ideal customer that you want to reach. What does that emotion translate to visually?

For me, that is strength, unity, and femininity. I am the ultimate, happy, glammed out girly girl...who happens to be raising two teenage boys, but whatever, lol! They are well aware that their Mami is a Princess...my brand voice is very clear. But I will reach women overall (and men) who can connect to my overall energy and message. What is yours?

Next, what colors will your brand connect to? I usually suggest your favorite colors, or those that relate to your voice. It’s a difficult task, but research has shown that color preferences are influenced by more than chance. The colors people like are related to personal preference, cultural upbringing, and context.

Although it’s hard to determine exactly how a certain color will impact your brand, it is possible to make some broad sweeps to help you narrow the playing field.

Colors are most effective when consumers believe that the brand’s color “fits” the brand, according to a study called The Interactive Effects of Color. That means that your colors have to speak to your customers. If you sell to organic foodies, it makes more sense to use green or brown than macaroni and cheese orange.

Context is important, too. Sometimes brown is used for something natural, perfect for those organic foodies. Other times it’s rugged and masculine, perfect for hunters and motocross athletes. So my personal formula is to infuse a bit of your favorite colors with those that match your message - what will attract the right audience and matches up to your brand story & product.

Finally, think about your story. What makes you do what you do in your market like no one else? For me, no one in my niche has worked with as many celebrities as me. I have designed for more than 40 A List celebrities. I've been featured on 7 television networks (several shows on each one), and the DVF Fashion House. I took that and turned into the Influencer for my business, with a YouTube Channel that would receive 40k-80k video views at a time in it's prime (I eventually tired of that part of the business). So my story is very unique; with stories and experiences unlike any other. This is my unique selling proposition (USP). What is yours?

Today, I want you to think about the voice, look, & message of your brand. Use your PGC planner to think about & write down your purpose. What do you specifically want to do? For 2018, my goals were very defined & Intentional. I identified the exact parts of the business I want to focus on. Then, broke down those categories with a plan of action for each one.

Writing it out helps you be more specific about the message & how you will deliver it longterm. It is step one in being able to create content in the next step and for the life of your brand.

1. What will your colors be? (2-3) 2. What is your mission statement? 3. Who will you target/ what does your ideal customer look like? You will find a workbook in the classroom to help you begin to identify your target customer. Think about where they shop, what they watch on television, what they do all day. What type of work do they do? Are they entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, part-time workers? Who is the person who needs your product? This is imperative to develop because all marketing efforts will stem from here. Sales will stem from here, so the quicker you understand your audience, the faster you can drive sales into your business.

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