Values base goal setting By Wyatt Craig

  • list of goals
  • Be married by 28
  • kids by 30
  • have my own kennel
  • get off academic probation
  • graduate
  • build dream house

action plan for being married by 28: my action plan for this is to continue to grow the relationship with the girl im currently dating i feel like we are a good match for each other and we both have a very similar values and beliefs not to mention shes easy on the eyes.

kids by 30 action plan: for this to come happen being married by 28 has to occur.

action plan for having a kennel: i have already started on this by breeding my dog boone for a stud fee. i just need to continue to grow my brand and eventually buy a dam and breed her and start selling puppies.

action plan for getting off of academic probation is to continue following and using the skills that i have learned in this class

action plan for graduating is to stay off of academic probation

action plan for building my dream house is to graduate and then get a very good job start saving up then take out a loan and build the house and pay it off over time. 

in depth reflection

In class we did an assignment, This assignment was supposed to help us figure out the five things we hold most dear to us. Mine were gods will, family, friendship, tradition, and to be loved. When we first started out, we had 100 items. We had to sort these items into 3 categories: important, very important, and not important. Once this was done, we had to eliminate the important and not important categories leaving us with only very important. Then we had to pick out 10 that we thought were most important. After we did that, we then proceeded to narrow it down to 5. We then had to pick the thing most important to us. What I found to be the most important to me was family because family is my rock. As we were going through the experiment, it kind of felt like I was throwing these values away, but I had to keep in mind I wasn’t throwing things away, I was just choosing which one were more important to me. The hardest part for me was picking my family over God’s will, but I had to keep in mind that God blessed me with my family and that by taking care of them I am doing God’s will. The elimination of each emotion also broad perspective so what we hold most dear. As I stated earlier my family is my rock. Through my family I’ve grown spiritually emotionally and intellectually throughout my 21 years of being. I feel like my short term goals are to come off of academic probation I am working towards this by applying myself even more and relying on the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this tough time and to help me improve myself so that I don’t end up in this situation again. I feel like I have more long term goals than I do short term goals. My long term goals are to be married by 28 and to have kids by 30 these two kind of go hand in hand with the things I hold most dearly to me because I it will be gods will if these things happen, my family will be very critical of whoever I chose to marry and will not let me make a bad decision and, my friendship with all of my friends will also help guide me and lead me to the right of my other values that I kept was to be loved and I hope that whomever I marry will love me because a marriage without love is just two adults hanging out in my mind. Another of my long term goals is to open up my on kennel and breed Labs and German Short Haired pointers. This is something that I truly love and know that god will guide me through this as I already have a great start with my two labs that I currently have, I can continue to grow this dream and goal by utilizing the many friends I have made in the Labrador retrievers club at Clemson and with the many friends that I have made in Duck Unlimited. These two groups not only can help provide me with information about training techniques and dog care, but they also open up a client base that would love to buy quality dogs from me. Another long term goal of mine is to have my dream home built by the time I’m 40 this relates back to my family because I will utilize the land that has already been given to me and I will also use my two uncles to build my dream house one is a custom home builder that can help guide me through the process of picking out a good contractor and sub-contractors and my other uncle is an electrical engineer and will help me wire the house so that I don’t have to waste money on hiring an electrician. my last long term goal is to graduate from Clemson I feel like that any goal that I set can be achieved because of the strong relationship that I have with my family and with my friends and my strong relationship with god it is also a tradition for people in my family to graduate from Clemson so i plan to carry out this tradition.

very important
top 10
top 5
friends (mostly my work family)
dogs ( the two dogs i already have started breeding to start my kennel.)
My faith is very important to me
I couldn't think of a more perfect photo for tradition than that of me and Howard's rock because I'm following in the footsteps of so many of my relatives!

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