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Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Schumaker's Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Phillips' and Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade Classes.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Yahn's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Harder's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: 4th Grade Field Trip to Wild Cat Den!
  • Grant Elementary: Outdoor Education Day at Wild Cat Den!
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Loos' 3rd Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: 4th Grade Madison Student Leadership Team.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Bloomquist's School-wide Reading Challenge.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Evans' Kindergarten Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: PBIS Picnic Lunch.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Special Guest Visit - Miss Muscatine!
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Mergen and Mrs. Haag's 1st Grade Classes.
  • Central Middle School: Reading Challenge Winners!
  • West Middle School: 8th Grade Band Concert.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Plemmons' Students.
  • West Middle School: 6th Grade River Bandits Game.
  • West Middle School: Annual Teachers vs. Students Volleyball Game.
  • West Middle School: Published Poet Kiley R.!
  • Muscatine High School: Muskie Band Awards Banquet.
  • Muscatine High School: University of Iowa Steel Band Performs for MHS Band.
  • Muscatine High School: Sophomore Gifted/Talented Tours University of Chicago.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Hunger Banquet.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Science Club.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Kramer's Chemistry Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Sophomore Gifted/Talented Northwestern and University of Chicago Tours.
  • Muscatine High School: Transition and Work Experience Students.
  • Muscatine High School: Class of 2017 Graduation Practice!
  • District-Wide Staff: WMS Honors Retirees.


Mrs. Hines Kindergarten class participated in several activities this week including Sidewalk Chalk Day, Teddy Bear Picnic, and visiting with The Goddard Family Farm animals!


Ms. Schumaker's Kindergarteners had a great day with the Teddy Bear Picnic and Goddard's Petting Farm!


Second graders in Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Smith's classes had a "Pioneer Day" at school. Former MCSD teachers, Nonie Crumly and Pat Downey, helped the students prepare homemade noodles to serve with chicken, along with cornbread, and of course they churned butter. The students also enjoyed making quilt squares, whizzers, along with playing pioneer games. They also got to enjoy farm animals from the Goddard farm. A field trip to "Pioneer Village" will culminate this unit of study (see below).

Their field trip to the Pioneer Village!


High school math teacher, Mr. McDonald visited Mrs. Yahn's 3rd grade classroom to do some fun Math activities.


Miss Harder's Franklin Kindergartners enjoyed watermelon as SHINE ticket winners!


Fourth graders took a field trip to Wild Cat Den and learned about how the Pine Creek Grist Mill got its name. They also took time to try different old tools (wood saw) and corn mill equipment. They also made butter, sampled pancake after grinding corn into flour and learned how the one room schoolhouse operates before their time.


Grant School's Outdoor Education Day at Wild Cat Den took place this week. Students rotated through various stations like grinding grain, old-fashioned tools, learning about furs, and visiting the one-room schoolhouse.

Mrs. Paul's 4th Graders


Third graders in Mr. Loos' class enjoyed lunch on playground, their new classroom pet, and a visit from Miss Muscatine!


4th Grade Madison Student Leadership Team hosted a McDonald's fundraiser for all Madison students to attend to raise money for MCSA after the early spring storm damage. The total raised was $397.33 and was presented to the director of the MCSA this week. Maggie Curry, MCSA Housing Director, told the Madison SLT members how they will be able to buy new pillows and other items for the men that lost items in the storm. Ms. Curry said she would even get them McDonald's gift cards for some chicken nuggets!


From January to the beginning of May, students participated in Mrs. Bloomquist's School-wide Reading Challenge. They kept track of the minutes they read each night, and then turned in those calendars at the end of the month to add to the school total. The school was divided into a Kindergarten-Second Grade group and a Third-Fifth Grades group. Each month, the class in each group that read the most minutes would be declared the top class. A big congratulations to Mrs. Luna's (and Mrs. Boyer's!) class, for receiving the Top Class award for each month! Also a big congratulations to Mrs. William's class, for receiving the Top Class award for each month!


Students in Mrs. Evans' kindergarten class showed off their math skills and tried out the new chairs!


On Tuesday, students at Mulberry celebrated earning 25,000 SOAR tickets by enjoying a PBIS picnic during lunch. Students had a picnic lunch by the playground, and then had the opportunity to play Beach Ball Volleyball, Twister, Bags, or Frisbee Golf. They were also surprised with snow cones donated by Vision Center of Muscatine. It was a perfect day!


On Wednesday morning, Mulberry students had a very special guest visit their morning announcements - Miss Muscatine!


Mrs. Mergen's and Mrs. Haag's first grade classes at Mulberry had their annual Readers Theater on Wednesday. All students had the opportunity to show off their reading skills! It was a great celebration of growth and progress!


Last week the Mrs. Mergen's and Mrs. Haag's first grade classes at Mulberry invited Dads and Grandpas in to help with a project. The children made stepping stones for their Moms for Mother's Day!


Students from Central Middle School worked hard to meet a reading challenge to earn an afternoon of bowling! Great job CMS students!


West Middle School Eighth Grade Band performs their final concert of the year on May 17.


Students in Mrs. Plemmons' class have been working this year in the library. This Tuesday was their last day helping Mrs. Bloomquist. They loved it!


On Monday, the sixth grade students at West Middle School were able to attend a River Bandits baseball game if they completed the required number of book reports for the second semester. We had beautiful weather for a ball game! Some of the kids were selected to play a game on the field in between innings, while others enjoyed asking Rascal for his autograph.


This Thursday, West Middle School held the annual faculty vs. students volleyball game. This year the theme was geeks vs. jocks, and it was revenge of the nerds as the teachers were triumphant over the students!


West Middle School's Kiley R. entered her poem, Around the World, into a contest. Her poem was selected to be published in the Spring Creative Communications issue! Congrats Kiley!


To start our last day with seniors, we welcomed The University of Iowa Steel Band to perform for the MHS Band. In the group was a former member of the Muskie Band, Darron Carr, who graduated this past Saturday with a degree in Music Performance on Percussion. The video is just a short excerpt of one of their selections.


Muskie Bands held their 2016-2017 Awards Ceremony at MHS on Monday, May 16. Annual Awards presented were (L to R): Adam Spiegel John Phillip Sousa award, Molly Matkovich, Directors Choice award, Kaleb Drawbaugh, Leonard Bernstein award, Zach Miller, Louis Armstrong award and Leticia Gomez, Woody Herman award.


Awesome job to Senior Camilla McNeely and crew for organizing a truly eye-opening Hunger Banquet this evening! And thank you to Charla from Muscatine Center for Social Action for sharing how our community is impacted by hunger and what we can do to help!


MHS Science Club went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.


Ms. Kramer's chemistry class (and all the general chemistry classes) tested hot air balloons this week. The balloon design is an engineering component of the final exam. Students must use the information from the balloon build to solve problems from units studied throughout the semester.


Sophomore gifted and talented students visited Northwestern University and the University of Chicago this week.


MHS Work Experience students, Transition students, and staff once again dawned their gloves, aprons, and hair nets to venture off to Faith United Church Monday, May 1st, to Pack it in for the Summer. Well, to pack food that is. The students, along with many other community volunteers, followed up their Fall's work to provide food assistance for area residents. This Spring's meal packages are being provided to help the Summer Lunch Program and the Muscatine Food Pantry.

The student's assembled enough 6-meal packages of to fill twenty boxes. At thirty-six packages per box that makes for a total of how many meals? Oh, sorry about the story problem, that would be 4,320 meals!

This project compliments our student's weekly efforts to assemble, package, and deliver 230 bags of food to supplement the food needs of elementary students through the Bags of Blessing program. Participation by our students in these activities have provided a valuable way for them to learn work and life skills.

Check out the Class of 2017's graduation practice! What a great group of students!


West Middle School honored their retirees: Susan Shulte, Sally Echelbarger, and Sheila Marks! Congrats Susan, Sally, and Sheila!

Thank you to all you submitted pictures this week!

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